Remake Interviews: Catch-all Thread

Seems awfully unlikely, but who knows with showbusiness. My headcanon was that some Square fan who was part of the large groups that really didn't like the Compilation voice cast had ascended in the company enough to convince them to change everyone. :lol: But occam's razor said it was probably just cheaper to replace everyone. I'd say they did a pretty good job since with one or two exceptions everyone is as good or better.

As I said from the beginning, I was a little bummed about Beau Billingsley because he never got any good Barret material and I know that he would have killed it. But John Eric Bentley is killing it just fine on his own and is great, so I have no objections.

The new Zack voice is eh...but I admit the new guy had some things working against him. Primarily that he's the only person that
had to redo a scene that had been voiced before, word-for-word, but without any of the context that Rick Gomez had. And also that I was already pissed by that point of the ending :lol: He sounded a little better in the Intermission ending, but Gomez really was perfect.

The new Sephiroth guy basically sounds like he's doing an impression of Newbern to me, so, whatever.

And this is the first time they've ever had a good Aerith, so that's cool.
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Besides preferring Newbern’s Sephiroth and Tseng and Zack’s old voice, and seconding the notion it’s a shame that Beau Billingsley never had a opportunity to show his voice acting chops with Barret (despite liking Bentley’s performance), I think I also preferred Bowen’s (from CC) Aerith over White’s, just like the tenor of the former’s voice more.
Also before the voice actor was exposed as a sex pest and creep, I did prefer Reno’s old voice actor, but the revelations stuff makes me prefer the new one now regardless of quality.
I thought Bowen did well, but specifically for that teenaged Aerith. That doesn't mean she couldn't have aged it up for the 22-year-old version, but I think White has captured that well, at least.
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Despite having to rely on Google Translate, that was an interesting and informative interview. I love how he describes how he handled Tifa and Aerith's different ways of overcoming their pasts, because it reflects their unique personalities. And I do like how he confirms the way he looks at the FFVII setting. It's clearly relevant and informs his writing, since it's all connected.


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The Compilation and Remake voice work has merged in my head. I have to focus for a bit to remember the differences between Aerith's voice actors for example. I actually think Square Enix is really good at casting, it's just the lines themselves can be hard to work with (Advent Children probably being the worst offender).


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I'm too weeb for English voice actors, but the new guy for Reno seems to fit how they characterized him compared to the PS1 game. I think it'd be completely bizarre if he voiced pre-Remake Reno, and vice versa w/the old VA who turned out to be a creep anyway.

I'll miss Reno's JP voice actor a lot, but I can tell from his performance in Remake vs his other roles that they must have told him to try and sound "younger" or something. Hope they recast him as someone who is more fitting to their new image of him, instead of "sound-a-likes" for the previous guy. (None of the soundalikes actually sound like him, tbh.)

The voices certainly seem to lend themselves to how people think of the characters, for sure.
This part of the interview warms my heart.

DeepL said:
You once said that when you tell a story, the novel is a free form of expression where anything is possible, but writing it is difficult.
Do you feel that this is still the case today? Or do you feel that you have made any progress in terms of technology?

Nojima: I've loved novels since I was a child, and I used to read them a lot, but that meant I had high ideals. When it came to writing my own novels, I couldn't reach those heights at all, and for a long time writing novels was like a struggle. I don't feel that pain now. Maybe it's because I know myself.


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This girl is providing the translation of Sakurai's interview (2 parts so far, there will be more) from the Ultimania that just got released in French (it's the one that will get released in December in English):

The interesting part in this second translation, I think, is how Sakurai understands the word "Remake". Just how far will they go into reshaping the world and story, I guess that's the whole question.


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