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Remake Mod Wish-List

Mr. Ite
Hi folks o/

It's been chatted about here and on the discord, but I figure a whole thread about it might keep the other threads on-topic!

When FF7R comes out for PC, what kind of mods do you think are going to come out? Any you'd be excited for? Any that you think are MUST-HAVES? I'm compiling a wish-list using google docs.

Ground rules:
-Whatever game S-E releases is the official canon. If summon materia is purple now, that's the way it is. Modding is obviously unofficial, it shouldn't be seen as "correcting" anything "wrong" (unless the mod is literally a bug-fix). Questioning the validity of someone's preference is a fruitless endeavor. Modding is all about curating the artistic experience, it has nothing to do with being "right."
-If a mod idea is not your preference, try not to yuck someone's yum. You can disagree without putting someone down kk <3
Mr. Ite
I imagine we'll see some combat overhaul mods. I'm no expert programmer, but I can concieve of the following:

-Halve the ATB rate of enemies
-Quadruple the ATB rate of PCs (or whatever will make it fill OG-style) rendering basic attacks superfluous
-Tactical mode does not pause gameplay (probably should be its own mod)
-Non-controlled party members do not move or perform basic attacks (basically, gut the AI)
-Remove the Timer Bar and ATB bar of summons - casting the summon skips directly to the summon's finishing move.

I have no idea how to implement "random encounters" because we haven't seen anything except hand-placed demo enemies.
Mr. Ite
I really went into this on the Discord, but here I’ll just say that in film, you need to convey your character’s attitude within the first 0.5 seconds of body language. All it takes is 0.5 seconds to convey what you want to an audience. I saw about 10-15 seconds of Reno, and while he’s the best they’ve done yet in the AC style, he’s not quite there for me. I’m not saying “yet” I’m saying that they very clearly conveyed a character, even within the first 0.5 seconds. I just don’t like that character.


Sharp Shinra Shill
Thats true....of the trailer. Which, by definition, are without context and with the dialogue recut. What I'm saying is that same half a second in the actual game might be different.

Its part of why I don't want any more trailers. Combat/mechanics/music, fine.

And of course if the actual game makes him AC-like once again, then I'll concede the point on his character. I just think it's jumping to conclusions at this juncture when the game is still 5 and a half months out.


Novice DM
Absolutely. In the original game, Reno's first appearance was downright sinister to me, with a dash of 'cool'. He just stands there quietly in his suit, watching Cloud and Aeris. The soldiers with him were the comedians. These days Reno feels like he doesn't have as much of that edge.
Reno walks over the flowers to go after Aerith. Then runs back onto the scene to yell at his soldiers not to step on the flowers. He was part of the comedy act.


Pro Adventurer
A fully-active (non-lock on) combat system. Basically you move, slash, jump, etc. freely. Should be able to do lots of interesting combat and misc. moves using existing character animations.
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