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Remixes of Final Fantasy Music in Final Fantasy XIV

The Engineer
I'm not quite sure where this would go... It almost feels like it should belong with the other fan-mixes, but it's also in a main Final Fantasy game, so it's not like it's really a fan-mix either. Mods, feel free to move this where it should be!

Over the course of Final Fantasy XIV, there have been a number of remixes of other Final Fantasy music. Mainly because FFXIV makes a lot of references to previous FF games and not having the music from those games in FFXIV wouldn't sound right. So here's the list!

The Prelude
Prelude ~ Rebirth
Prelude ~ Discoveries
Prelude ~ Long March Home
Four-fold Knowing

Victory Theme
A Victory Fanfare Reborn

Chocobo Theme
Eorzea de Chocobo
Gateway to Paradise
Sport of Kings
A Dream in Flight/Ending

Final Fantasy I
The Mushroomery

Final Fantasy II
Battle Theme 1.x

Final Fantasy III
Ever Upwards
Tumbling Down
Now I Know the Truth
Out of the Labyrinth
Blind to the Dark
Hunger/The Reach of Darkness
Eternal Wind

Final Fantasy V
Battle on the Big Bridge Reborn
Final, Not Final

Final Fantasy VI
Magiteknical Difficulties
A Decisive Battle - no remix
Battle to the Death ~ Heavensward
Cyan's Theme
The Phantom Train to Sigmascape
A Battle Decisively
Dancing Mad (All Movements)

Final Fantasy VII
Four-sided Circle

Final Fantasy VIII
Shuffle or Boogie - no remix
Game Theory
Blue Fields
Force Your Way

Final Fantasy IX
Valmo' alla Flamenco

Final Fantasy XI - no remixes
The Garden of Ru'Hmet

Final Fantasy XII/Tactics/Vagrant Story - no remixes
Character Creation
Save / Load Screen
Protagonists' Theme
Background Story
Precipitous Combat
The Enemy Approaches
Ultima's Transformation
World Map
A Chapel
Boss Battle
The Mystery of Giruvegan
Flash of Steel
Victory Fanfare (FFXII Version)
Under the Stars
Pressue (No. 1)
B. E.
A Man Consumed
St. Ajora's Theme
Ultima's Perfection
Final Struggle
Hall of Worship
Brave Story
Alma's Theme
Poacher's Den

Final Fantasy XIV
Masayoshi Soken, FFXIV's main composer does a lot of remixes of his own stuff. So, I'm only putting the... significantly different, shall we say... remixes here.
Heroes Remix of Heavensward, the main theme of Heavensward.
Mobius Remix/combination of Locus and Metal, the two main Alexander raid themes.
Nightbloom Remix of Revolutions, one of the main themes of Stromblood.
A Land Long Dead Remix of Penitus, the dungeon theme of the Praetorium, the last dungeon of ARR.
Heartless Remix/combination of Torn From the Heavens, The Maker's Ruin, and The Prelude. Torn From the Heavens and The Maker's Ruin are basically the Warrior of Light's personal theme songs at this point.
From the Heavens Another remix/combination of Torn From the Heavens, The Maker's Ruin, and The Prelude. It's an evolution of Heartless in a lot of ways.
A Pall Most Murderous Remix/combination of Stormblood, The Measure of His Reach (Gyr Abanian National Anthem) and Imperial Will (Garlean Main Theme).
A Long Fall Remix/combination of eScape, Rise and Out of the Labyrinth. eScape is the main theme of Omega and is itself a remix of Order Yet Undeciphered, the Azys Lla/Allagan theme. Rise is one of Alexander's themes. Out of the Laybrinth is the main theme of the Crystal Tower. So it's a remix of remixes.
Blinding Indigo Remix of Through the Maelstrom, the main theme of Leviathan.
Landslide Remix of Under the Weight, the main theme of Titan.

Let me know if I missed any, or if people think of more FFXIV remixes of it's own music that should be on the list. I might go back and add links to videos of where the non-remixed music is used in FFXIV too.
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The Sublimely Magnificent One
There's the second Eternal Wind remix in the Shadowbringers theme, and the Heavensward Prelude remix, A Cold Wind. And while I can't remember the title at the moment, the Keeper of the Lake music is a really kickass remix of the Mor Dhona theme that I have a huge soft spot for.
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