Repair Advent Children Cloud Polystone

I recently bought a Cloud poly-stone, and when I got it part of the statue broke in shipping. Does anyone know someone that I may contact to have it repaired or a hobbyist? I'll upload pics of the break when I get home.


If it broke in shipping then you're due a replacement, I'd contact the seller or take it up with the delivery company.
1) Get a refund?

2) Wrong section.

...Unless you have a creative way to get it fixed. =\
There use to be peeps here on thelifestream and ACF that did customs to PA and other figures. I figured to post here since it is the only forum that dealt with any type of art.

I bought it and the USPS broke one piece of it. It had insurance on it so USPS can pay to have it fixed. I don't want to send it back since I can't get another one for $250 or less. can be fixed.
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