Resident Evil 2 (& 3) Remake(s!?)


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Great game,I finished twice and watched the Real ending movie after the final boss....hope to see Re 3 remake too!

Great game, fun to play. The campaigns are basically identical though, which was a disappointment. Weirdly, I actually think the plot is slightly weaker than the original, which was the last thing I'd expected to be saying.

Mr X adds an interesting dynamic, especially when running from him prevents you from sneaking past Lickers.

I've always felt Claire's campaign was much stronger storywise, and that's still true. Gameplaywise, they're not very distinct, though, they both have their cutscenes in the Parking lot, Birkin is defeated by Claire and then climbs back up to be defeated by Leon in the exact same spot in the exact same way.

I really appreciated the lack of nods and tie ins to future content, no foreshadowing of Wesker et al.

What I've always loved about Resi is that everyone gets their chance to shine, and the deaths have weight. The rest of the police station have been holding out well before you got there, even with Brian sabotaging them, they just eventually fell to overwhelming assault.
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4th Survivor Mode is hard. 12:47. RIP, thirty alternate universe Hunks that died to make this possible.

Doubt I can manage Tofu.

Is the Spark Shot completely worthless, or is that just me?


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And now I am fangirling like crazy again, I MEAN, Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 are my favorite games from the franchise!!

Mr. X is quite the thing in the Remake, and now that Nemesis is back---

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