Return of the Dead-eye
Right my beauties, here is the TLS social scavenger hunt! It's super simple, since so many of us are confined to home as much as is practical, here is a list of items for you to find at home. If you want to take part, tick off the list of items and pop a photo of each item in a reply (please use spoiler tags for the love of the gods!). You can edit your post as needs be until the deadline, which is Tuesday 2nd February, 9am GMT, upon which the thread will be locked and your answers tallied.

Each answer photo is worth one point, plus another 1-3 points for creativity/entertainment/lulz. The member with the highest points tally wins themselves a ten euro/dollar/pound (whatever your currency is) gift card for Steam/PSN/Xbox because there's a fair amount of effort involved. A winner will be announced later in the week in this thread, on Discord and the first post for the TLS Social. They'll also get a PM, lol.
Good luck, get silly and have fun! :monster:

Scavenger hunt item/photo list:

1. Something you run with
2. Something small, round and orange
3. A pirate
4. A rubber duck
5. A food-eating utensil
6. Any dairy item in your home (bonus point for a milk-producing animal)
7. Something to measure the passage of time
8. Something you've made yourself
9. Something that generates dust
10. Something you can clean with
11. A slice of something edible
12. A leg
13. An arm
14. A gelatinous substance
15. Something brown and sticky
16. Something you can use wet or dry
17. Something that resembles a banana, but isn't one
18. Something that plays music that pre-dates CDs
19. Any item made from a skin
20. An item that could be used to represent the sky
21. Something invented by a Canadian
22. Something cat-shaped
23. Anything with a rainbow on it
24. A container
25. Something made from rock
26. A lock
27. A long read
28. Something that represents what TLS means to you
29. Something green that is alive
30. A goal
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