Script Resource: Crisis Core DMW Cutscenes

Script Compilation of DMW Character Cutscenes: English

Article appendix with notes and analysis included!

This new page has become properly linked in our Crisis Core content page as well. I will probably write up the frontpage newspost tomorrow.

In retrospect I would have made the DMW snapshots slightly bigger, but it took many many hours to put together the collage pictures as they currently are so I'm not redoing that. Aside from that detail, feel free to comment and suggest improvements to the page.

Note: Usually I don't bother checking if I go with US or UK spelling. I paid attention this time however with the word "realize", where I chose the US spelling because even the European English version of Crisis Core goes with the American English spelling standards. The argument could also be made that because our site is hosted from Europe, we should go with UK spelling.

The Twilight Mexican

Ex-SeeD-ingly good
Great work! Thorough and looking good.

On the topic of spelling, if the game itself uses a certain spelling, go with that, even if it's an outright misspelling. Posting a script is like posting a giant quotation -- not only do you want accuracy for others who may reference it, but there may have been stylistic choices influencing a certain spelling. Even Tolkien had to deal with a "helpful" editor who kept "correcting" his usage of "Elves" and "Dwarves" to "Elfs" and "Dwarfs."

You can always add "[sic]" right after something too if you want to call attention to the fact that, yes, it's an odd spelling or word choice, but, also yes, this is an accurate quotation.
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On the topic of spelling, if the game itself uses a certain spelling, go with that, even if it's an outright misspelling.
Oh yes, I was already clear on this. Exact quotations must be exact. With the American versus British spelling thing I was referring to my own written commentary and the scene descriptions, like this bit:
"Zack realizes his mistake and runs to get his sword."​

At first I wrote "realise", but then I went with the American spelling because that's the in-game style.
- Newspost written and published. There are so many things to remember when writing up a newspost so do point out whatever I missed.

I also made my first try at making a Global Announcement. Hopefully I didn't break anything.

- If anybody is in the mood to transcribe the Japanese script from the DMW cutscenes, don't forget that you can download both the English and Japanese snapshots that I uploaded to Mega. These transcriptions would then be added to google docs (or a similar service) and placed side by side with the English script.

- On the topic of whether or not the boy is the speaker of the line "Long time, no see!" in Aerith Scene #5, maybe there is a speaker tone in the Japanese script that can help indicate if the boy or Zack is the speaker?
Zack speaks:

Zack or the boy speaks:
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