Secret Santa 2011

I've been away from a computer so I haven't been able to see the images until now awesome job guys.

Just so everyone knows I'll have limited access from tomorrow until the 3rd. If you will not be able to post your present by the 3rd, then PM me and let me know an ETA. If you can post earlier don't worry about it.

And remember this is just so I know that you need more time but that you are still working on it. It doesn't mean that it has to be done by the 3rd or else you can't do it.



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Came here to say I haven't forgotten about this, I've been a little busy lately, but I've been checking the threads, so i'm up to date. Yeah, probably I should have mentioned it before but uhhhh.

These gifts are so epic and nice and fluffy, you guys are so cute ;; I'll post mine shortly, please excuse my lateness.

EDIT: OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and happy new year.
Looks like things are pretty good this year. People who still need to post their gifts are: Arianna, Scias, and Tifaeria/Black Canary. Yoshi has had to cancel last minute so I will be taking over their santa and post something as soon as I can.

Scias and Tifaeria are still working on theirs. I don't believe I've received a message from Arianna so I will check in with her.

Again guys amazing job this year I'm so proud of everyone and that this idea of mine last year has now become a tls tradition. <3 Will be running it as long as I can.


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OMG BROOKE, THAT'S THE BEST GIFT (AND .GIF) EVER Teehee... "Gift and .gif"... Oh god I'm so clever HEEHEEHEE


Oh, and Dave, I'm glad you liked my gift =D!

This is seriously epic, sadly I wasn't as present as I would have wished, but really guys, great work!


Hello again! 8D
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I am SO SORRY that I was late with this. This month totally kicked my ass in terms of stress, and it just prolonged my drafts. Believe it or not, I had written four different stories before I settled with this one. And the only reason I didn't settle with the previous ones was because it was...really really dark and depressing as hell. Since this was a gift for Christmas/New Years/Three Kings Day, I didn't want to give something like that. So please don't think I thought of you at the last minute, because I kept thinking about you all this time.

I hope you all enjoy this AU Kingdom Hearts story, and again I'm sorry for the wait! :glomp:
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