See You On The Other Side...

Mr. Ite
At this point, I’m going to become more or less a ghost until I beat the game, not to say I’ll be gone entirely, but I’m avoiding the FF7 threads from here on out as my hype levels reach critical. Other than that, there’s the COVID thread which I’ll keep lurkin’ and US politics which I have no right to poke my nose in. Unless threads about FF9 take off, I don’t expect you’ll hear anything from me until mid-April.

I’ll share my thoughts on the Chapter threads on my second playthrough. The first go around will be just for me.

I’ve been on this forum for 10 years now, pretty dang consistently, and I know I can sometimes be the worst-sort-of-Ravenclaw, but I really love this place, the folks who’ve come and gone and those who are still here. The hard-working staff here is unparalleled. I expect to come back and see lots and lots of new FF7 fans and I can’t wait to meet them, and to gab all day with you guys about the Remake (I will vent most of my frustrations about it to my wife ;) ).

Anyway, love and hugs, and I’ll meet ya beyond Midgar.

-Mr. Ite
Mr. Ite
So I finished the game. I really wanted to like it, I really wanted to love it. I tried to go in with an open mind, knowing that it wouldn’t just be a new production of an old script, but a new team’s rewrite, with plenty of their own flair to add. Some of the changes I really liked! Some of the changes I didn’t... in the end, though, I feel like I don’t have anything positive to contribute, because my feelings about it are largely negative. The last few chapters were probably the least fun I’ve ever had with a piece of art, and as someone who made art his career, that says something. As someone who forced himself through FFX twice, that’s saying something as well ;)

So I think my absence is going to be a bit more prolonged than I initially thought. I thought maybe a month... but as it is... I don’t intend to pick up this game for a second go-round, probably ever. If you want to know what I might have thought, it’s a good bet that my opinions align with Tres, Lic, or Force, but more negative and zealous. If they disagree, I side with the one who’s right.

I hope those who enjoyed the Remake have lots of fun discussions about it. I hope those that didn’t, but are sticking around anyway, can find happiness here.

But for the mo, I’m out. Much love.
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