SF: Liberi Fatali vs. Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII

Which of these songs do you like best?

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The main theme of VII against what might be considered the main theme of VIII. The first two games I played in the series. The first of our two semi-finals. Begin!


Pick your favourite!

This poll will be open for two days, and the winner will make it through to the final. The complete final 32 bracket can be found here.

For more information on this event, visit the discussion thread.
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LF, you fought well, but it's time to go to sleep now. You're astounding, but not defeating the Main Theme of FF7 astounding.
This is where the choices really become irrational. Anything you ever said about these songs in previous threads no longer apply in this context. Just close your eyes and click somewhere. There is a chance you may very well click out of the thread. That is okay. Come back when you're ready. When a vote has finally been cast, have a look and say "what's done is done". Both are worthy of top places, and you can be proud of your aggressive, sporadic nature bringing about this outcome.

Also, I voted for Liberi Fatali because I just preferred to. You know, because there's also that route of thinking with a sound mind - but you'll develop regret for it :P


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This one is close. Soooooo close.

It eventually came down to one of them being better ambient music for actually playing the game, and the other being better for listening to directly. Given the way they are presented in this thread....

Dammit. Damn you all.

Liberi Fatali.


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This is a pretty awesome match-up, I have to say. Both these songs are masterpieces in their own way. I've really ended up liking Liberi Fatali as this exciting opening after listening to it for this competition, but I've always enjoyed VII's main theme, which goes from light to dark and back again in a perfect showing of the story and Cloud's conflict.

I'll be happy with whichever one makes it. That being said, I'm gonna vote for Liberi Fatali before I get tempted to check the poll results. :awesome: I'm just much more in the mood for that song right now.


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I didn't know what to do here... I really wanted Blinded by Light to emerge from Liberi Fatali's quarter of the draw so that I wouldn't have to make this decision.

I like both of these songs a lot. In the end, I had to listen to both of them multiple times, and that pushed me towards the Main Theme. As I've said before, Liberi Fatali is pretty exhausting to listen to - once every now and then is enough - while I could hear the Main Theme of VII every day without too many complaints. The fact it's a longer track probably helps in that regard as well.

I'm going to end up voting for both VII songs at this stage, which wasn't my intention, but all my non-VII favourites fell by the wayside much earlier in this event. -_-
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Main Theme of FFVII the whole way.

Liberi Fatali is good, but it only has one theme. When going up against other tracks that have one theme, it always comes out on top. Put it up against a piece that has many different themes and I'm left wondering when it's going to turn into something else. Liberi Fatali works well becasue of how it contrasts the other songs in it's own game.

The Main Theme of FFVII meanwhile has gotten on my "music I can't listen too if I want to get work done" short list. Every time it comes up in my playlist, I mentally drop everything I'm doing so I can listen to what it does. It's got so many different themes going on that I find something new to pay attention to every time I listen to it. And I can't be the only one who's disappointed when Meteor starts falling in-game because this song stops being the overworld theme...


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I've never been shy about pointing out the fact that I dislike FFVIII but it did have an awesome soundtrack, Liberi Fatali included. It's quite epic.


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The Main Theme is through to the final! It's not quite the end of the road for Liberi Fatali though, as it can still take third place from the loser of the Jenova - Not Alone battle.
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