Shademp resigning as Content Manager - Reviewing replacement

Due to lack of passion for the task, I wish to resign from my position as Content Manager of TheLifestream.Net's front page material.

As Content Manager, the task is to monitor the structure of the content and to ensure that material (such as Morella's recent Advent Children script) reaches the front page.

This thread is for people to ask questions, react to this change and review who should be the new Content Manager.

PrinceLex is already a candidate, but raise your hand if you'd like to be the new official manager of the site's front page features.


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Sorry. But that really will be my reaction if you leave completely. So you aren't allowed to, alright?

I don't want to be a candidate to replace you. I feel like I already have enough to do on TLS, and I don't know enough about the compilation. Heck, I don't really know anything about it. I think Lex would be a good person for the job, but the same goes for a few other members here too. I'm fine with anyone doing it, really.

You've been great, by the way. I said more of how I felt in IRC, but I'll add this: thanks for all that you've done for TLS.


I'm genuinely really sad right now. I'm glad you're not leaving the place completely, but you've done such an amazing job. Everyone here likes and respects you so much and you deserve every bit of it and more.

Thank you for all the work you've put into this place Shad.


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Shademp youve worked so hard for TLS, I guess even Superman needs a rest every now and then so fair enough. Thanks for everything youve done. :)

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Respect and thanks for all your hard work dude.


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In case I didn't say this before, thanks for all you've done for the site. I'm pretty sure pretty much no one else on this site could or would have done as much for it as you did. :<


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Everyone else have said what I wanted to say so yeah Shademp you've been great, is really sad to see you stepping down.


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I haven't written anything here yet because I knew that when I did, I'd accepted that this is happening and I did not want it to be true. But I understand where you're coming from Shademp and I totally respect it.

Along with thanking you for a lot of great work I'd like to point out much I liked the workshops/ brainstorming/ off topic chats we had when we were making the Beta version of the new Front Page. As I said in the staff meeting yesterday, without you I would probably never have finished stuff. One, because you kept pushing us, but two, also because you're a very pleasant person to do stuff for. Your feedback is honest and carefully detailed, and any differences we had we managed to work out without trampling any toes. You're the type of person I work well with. You mentioned you don't like being the "go to"-person, but I think you did the job perfectly last year. You stepped up as PM and kept things together, even though I had a feeling it wasn't your favorite activity.

I hope you'll still be contributing stuff because without you there's a gap in the TLS content.

Last but not least - you're a good friend and a good human being. Keep rocking!

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Shademp, you have been awesome. I have faith that, even as you leave your position, you will continue to be awesome. Rock on man :reapermon:
Thanks for the kind words everyone. You are all a great, GREAT bunch that make this site a very pleasant place to belong to. :salute:

For the feels...

It is now official: Prince Lex is the new Content Manager. If anybody wants to publish an article/essay/editorial/guide on TLS, Lex is the guy to ask if you have any questions. Sometimes, like what I did with Jiro's Biggs & Wedge article, he may publish a feature in the author's stead, so that said author doesn't have to go through all the WordPress procedures of registering and learning the format etc.

It is also Lex's job to assure that an article gets a permalink in its proper section (or sections) on the frontpage. Lex also has free hands to write new categories in which to file content; for example, maybe he thinks that aside from GAME SCRIPT and OTHER, the Crisis Core page deserves an additional category such as "INTERVIEWS" or whatever he thinks looks better.

In his own words, Lex genuinely cares for the site. He will do a great job as Content Manager. :neo: I've already ordered him to clean up after some of my slack.

If the time comes when I feel a desire to actively live up to a vision I have for TheLifestream.Net, I will return to an administrative position. In that scenario I want to be able to say that I am an active worker and not just a lazy figurehead. But that time is not now.

I'm also sorry for not completing the Unused Text series yet. This is a project where I, sadly, have no passion left either. BUT it will be completed. I just can't say when. Thank you for your patience.


I'll do my best to carry on what you've already laid out. Later this week I'll sort out what we still need content wise, compile a list and make a thread to see if anyone wants to take any small project on.

But yes, thank you Shademp. And I hope I can do half as good a job as you've done; you'll be sorely missed.
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