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Share your PSN/ 3DS/ XBox/ PC ID's: Gotta add em all


Hello. This is yet another "share your friend code/ ID" thread, but I thought we'd just keep it to this one from now on since they're scattered all over the place. Here are the old threads:


3DS Friend Codes

I'll start with mine.

PSN: Prince-Lex
Steam: princelex
Origin: Princelex244
3DS: 4571 - 0402 - 5998
Twitch: Prince_Lex

Everybody get sharing and lets add each other :)

EDIT: While we're at it, post your Twitch username here too. I know it's less about networking but people pop into my stream sometimes and I don't know who they are XD
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Might it also be worth posting what online games we play? Here are mine:

PS3: GTAV (not in a long time though).
Steam: Age of Empires II, Castle Crashers, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Civilization V, Toybox Turbos, Trine, Worms Armageddon, Worms Reloaded.

Usernames available by PM for anyone who wants to play with me. :)

Trainer Red

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Praise Lex for making a catchall thread! Praise!

PSN (that I never really use but one day I will) - CloudyClone
3DS: 5344-1377-5809


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Yeah I added you using that, but you don't show up in search. Strange :D
You have your Steam listed as tlslex but when you added me as a friend it said princelex. :P

But yeah weird. Oh well. Added now.

I bought like two games a few years back and never really played them much. I really should.


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Amizon, Commander Shepard, Ellie, Rinoa Heartilly, Xena, Clara Oswald, Gamora, Lana Kane, Tifa Lockhart, Jodie Holmes, Chloe Price.
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Try princelex? The name at the top right of my steam thingie is TLSLex but princelex might be my "actual" username if that's what Tenny says.

EDIT: Also Ami can't find you on Steam
EDIT 2: Claymore I added you to Steam
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Playing All The Stuff!
Amizon, Commander Shepard, Ellie, Rinoa Heartilly, Xena, Clara Oswald, Gamora, Lana Kane, Tifa Lockhart, Jodie Holmes, Chloe Price.
I've added you, Lex. And everyone else. :)


Satsu, BRIAN BLESSED, MIGHTY AND WISE Junpei Iori: Ace Detective, Maccaffrickstonson von Lichtenstafford Frabenschnaben, Polite Krogan, Robert Baratheon
Steam - Man With A Stick
XBL - Stormtro
PSN - satsugaikaze (mostly use it for my PSP games :monster:)

Origin - satsugaikaze (for ME3 and Battlefield shenanigans)


I'm only on Steam because PC master-race I can't afford any consoles yet. Username is Airling there too.
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Since I got back into using my PS3, I'll put mine up. (Currently playing "Kingdom Hearts Final Mix" from the 'Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix' Collection.)

EDIT: Decided to add my Steam as well, though I don't use it as often, just a note.

STEAM: verza39
PSN: Raziel369

~ Raz
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