Silent Hill RP Character Thread


I thought I might as well get this started!

Name: Abigail (Abbey) Walker
Age: 19
Job: Student
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Current Profile: A recent high school graduate who enjoys sports and plans to major in political-science. She leaves home to attend college in a city neighbouring Silent Hill. She travels there in hopes of finding affordable housing.

Excited to be on her own for the first time, she enters Silent Hill completely unaware of the nature of the town. She is extroverted and enjoys making friends, but tends to be violently defensive when it comes to her personal life.

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Name: Jake Lauer
Age: 23
Job: Small time photographer
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Current Profile: Works and manages his own 'professional' shop that he has kept afloat with the help of his girlfriend. Deciding to expand his horizions, he intends to visit Silent Hill to capture a different kind of beauty than what is held in his small town.

Dedicated to his work, he heads out with only his photography equipment and enough clothes and money for about a week. He is shy and mostly keeps to himself, but when it comes to his customers he becomes bright and willing to take the perfect picture. Currently, he is known for his work with wedding pictures, and has a storage full of albums tucked away.

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Name: Kate (Katelyn) Gorden
Age: 15
Job: Student (part of band club)
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Brown
Current Profile: Plays the trumpet in her school band. Her class was invited to a show in Silent Hill, and she took a bus ride to the town in one of her first long trips ever. She's hoping her parents will be at the concert.

Her only friends are in the flute section of the band. She doesn't like talking to many other people at school, and she's slightly excluded by other girls. She's nervous around others, but can be quite expressive around people she knows.


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Character name: Drew Collins
Hair: red
Eyes: green (contacts)
Age: 20
Job: Student/Blogger
Current profile: An enthusiastic amateur paranormal investigator, Drew has decided to visit the town of Silent Hill to investigate the various claims of supernatural activity in the area. She’s incredibly proud of her blog and semi popular youtube account (and takes the time to reply to everyone who bothers to comment, because it’s very important to keep a good relationship with her audience).

She tries to be as outgoing and as personable as possible towards people, and tries to maintain a calm, professional air when she’s out on investigations, even if she’s alone. She's currently rented out a motel in town, and is eager to begin exploring.

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Name: Tristan Szabo
Age: 24
Job: Police Officer
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue

Profile: Entering his second year of being a police officer, Tristan is getting more involved at the local company. He's been given regular solo shifts of patrolling the south eastern area of his town.

On a generally quiet night of patrol, Tristan is driving down a side street when he sees an aggressive man shove a reluctant young girl into his pick-up truck. The kidnapper sees the young police officer and bolts off in his vehicle. Tristan gives chase, headed for Silent Hill.

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Name: Ellanora (Ellie) Smith
Age: 24
Job: freelance artist
Hair: auburn
Eyes: hazel
Current Profile: Struggling to make ends meet and thirsty for inspiration she returns to her parents favorite vacation spot. Hoping to be inspired by the memories and calm atmosphere, she journeys to Silent Hill.


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can i change bits/all of it later if i decide i hate it?

Name: Daniel Gainsborough
Age: 32
Job: Unemployed
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6' 2"

A resident of Brahms, Daniel worked as a labourer until two years ago when a medical condition left him with impaired use of his hands and forced him to quit his previous job. He struggled to find more work afterwards, a matter not helped by an ever-decreasing motivation to keep looking.

His family has long lived in Brahms, the majority of them not leaving the area. Daniel himself has never travelled very far from his home town. As a family they took an active role in their local church, but over the last few years Daniel stopped attending services very much.
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