So, who’s on the no spoiler team here?


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This is it. It’s happening. I have not read the details, but looks like the breach is substantial and lots of stuff is probably going to keep coming.

I imagine many people are excited about this and I’m happy for them, but tbh I’m kinda bummed. The Remake is coming in two months and at this point I just want to experience the whole thing as intended, so this means I'll have to carefully avoid like half the sites I visit regularly – including these forums, probably. I was hoping I would have another month at least, but oh well. I guess I’ll have to filter out many pages and a few people I know too.

So for those like me who want to stay as leak-free as possible and don’t want to see anything for the next 60 days, what are you going to do? Are you going to stay here, avoid the spoiler threads and hope for the best?


I watched the leaked intro, but even that I regret doing. I refuse to spoil myself on anything else. The temptation is definitely there, but I've waited to long to just ruin it all with early leaks like this. Like you said, I've been removing myself from the places I discuss the game. Unsubbed from r/FFVIIRemake and I'm taking a sabbatical from these forums (which I'm breaking right now lol.) It's gonna be a rough couple month, but it'll be worth it!


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I'm going to try. It's going to be hard avoiding all the spoilers and trying to be on top of gaming news at the same time for two months straight. I really need to find something fun to play over that course to keep my mind off of this game lol.


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I'm trying out a browser extension that should block any posts with the keywords I've listed and I'll probably do the same even on the phone. I'm testing it on these forums and it's trying to block even the countdown and a few people's usernames :awesome: I feel a bit dumb but whatever works


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Watched all trailers so far, as well as seen all screenshots, even watched the leaked intro AND full demo leak (i was really really bored!)

But haven't seen anything else regarding post bombing mission and want to keep it that way until launch.

Only playing/watching anything that comes from Square directly.


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Count me in. Already blacklisted nearly all the sources I usually go through for FF7 stuffs since last month. I'm trying to stay around here since this place is generally more spoiler-free than most, but gawd damn judging from the hottest thread right now nowhere is truly safe.


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I've watched all the trailers and don't mind seeing the officially released stuff, but I'm trying to stay away from the leaks. I did watch bits of the demo but stayed away from most of it (lost my resolve to not watch it at all when I saw that Jessie thumbnail for one of the videos lol). I took a quick peek at the leak thread when it was first made and saw a few of the first screens but that's all and haven't been back since. I don't intend to, either. I want to preserve as much for the actual playthrough as possible.


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I am also on the no spoiler team. (or really really trying to be)

I haven't watched the leaked demo footage or intro. I also haven't seen the datamined stuff.
...except I did look at that other thread that had some of the pics. Just the first page. Urgh I must resist any more spoilers! And the temptation! I must resist it!

Anyway, I've left all the discord servers and I'm also not going on this site or any other FFVII site until I've finished playing the game in march. It's going to be a long 2 months.


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Man, this whole thing's really turning into a disaster for SE, isn't it? Oy, people can be so impatient. My reaction to this fiasco:

And to the leakers/dataminers, who seem to take no care in what they leak or how, I have only this to say:

Somebody needs to tell Elmer Fudd it's leaker season!


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I saw the demo, and even that I have regretted. Then the same thread started leaking....other things, so I know the first bit of stuff that is out there but cut myself off as soon as I realized we were going beyond the demo.

I will have to avoid this forum for awhile, even after the game comes out, so I can play it in peace.


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Man, this whole thing's really turning into a disaster for SE, isn't it? Oy, people can be so impatient. My reaction to this fiasco:

And to the leakers/dataminers, who seem to take no care in what they leak or how, I have only this to say:

Somebody needs to tell Elmer Fudd it's leaker season!

Eh... do we know if SE has done/said anything on the matter?


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I'm pretty sure Nomura is also fuming somewhere, I remember he was pretty upset last year with KH3.

I can't blame them. The problem with leaks today is that you're likely to stumble into them even if you don't want to. I understand why many people enjoy them and don't care about leaks and spoilers, but I do miss the times when you had to go look for this stuff if you really wanted to see it.

Btw, I appreciate the message the forum just put out about TLS's policy on this matter. Thank you!

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I've been in the dark about this. Can someone explain to me without spoiling anything what has been leaked? Just stuff from the playable demo, right?

edit: I accidentally went into the leaked character screens thread last night without realizing that it was all datamined from the demo. :closedmonster: I wish I could partially delete my memories fhgkfhsdf


I put out the announcement about spoilers. I think we'll probably write an article aswell (discussing the site's spoiler policy) - the thing about the leaks is that they're still happening, the extent of it is unbelievable.

I'm committed to ensuring people feel safe reading the board in general but I need everyone on board with that (and to respect the rules). I think most people will, but we can only police stuff after it's been posted which means if someone accidentally posts something in a place where they shouldn't then there's a chance people will get spoiled.
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