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That's it, I think.

But I was pretty sure I saw Sonic CD in the games list : /
If so, I may have to purchase it. My first computer ever came with Sonic CD, and I still have the disk, but I can't play it because all of our fancy technological advancements makes my computer too powerful to play it. (It requires 256 colors. And know you force windows to do that but it still won't wok for whatever reason. And the computer can't just use 256 colors out of the several times that it has access to is beyond me.)


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Didn't they change some of Sonic 3's music on those collections? You know, the tracks that were rumored to be composed by Michael Jackson? :wacky:

They changed the music for Ice Cap Zone for example. Which is a BAD move.
Ice Cap has the most awesome music ever.

Sega released a trailer exclusively to facebook...of all things. Depicting the new Sonic (green eyes, taller, etc.) racing the old Sonic (black eyes, chubby, etc.). Sega recently copyrighted "Sonic Generations," so it could be that game that is remaking classic levels. Although...Sonic 4 was kinda already doing that but I guess they mean taking the level directly.

Also, does it make anyone else feel old that Sonic is 20?


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Even though I never minded the new Sonic design...somehow I was really happy to see Classic!Sonic pop up. o_o


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I'm currently trying to sell my sega saturn with Sonic 3D and Sonic R... (and 20 other games and accessories) but I kind of want some sonic nostalgia now!
I never imagined the 'classic' sonic that way. Then again, his 'classic' design changed all the time. He appears different in all the old posters, and his sprites evolved with each game etc. Does this mean they're shelving Sonic 4 Episode 2? I'm most disappoint, if so. Not that I was too impressed with Episode 1.
No, as of February 28th at least, they were still working on it. I enjoyed episode I, it took an act or so to figure out the physics, but once I adjusted it fit like a glove. They did say that episode 2 will "fix things," though, so maybe the physics will go back. But there is an actual Sonic 4 thread.

But while w're here, did anyone play Sonic Colors? I got it for Christmas and I was very impressed. I kept clamoring that all they needed to do is make a game of all Sonic Unleashed speed levels, and that's exactly what Colors is. ALSO, it's the first game since 3 (& Knuckles) to have a proper set of power ups. They're not as good, but still, a welcome addition. Complete with underwater levels, it had the same 2D and 3D approach that Unleashed had without some stupid gimmick breaking up the fun.

Also, Sonic is the only playable character, though Tails is in the cutscenes - AND the cutscenes are all very short and occur pretty sporadically. One of them even made me laugh! Unthinkable.
Anyway, if you've got a Wii and especially if you liked Unleashed's speed levels, I'd say give Colors a rent at least. Anyone else play it?


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I played Colours and enjoyed it a lot. It's still not perfect, but the first time I've really had fun with a 3D Sonic game since the first Sonic Adventure.
I collected all red rings too :P

I really hope Colours is a sign of good things to come.

Even though the bosses were way too easy. The final boss was more what I would have expected from a standard boss battle. Final boss music was epic though.
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New info on Sonic Generations plus trailer:

Set across three defining eras from 20 years of Sonic the Hedgehog video game history, the instantly recognizable environments of Sonic Generations have been re-built in stunning HD and are now playable in both classic side scrolling 2D from 1991, as well as modern 3D style found in Sonic’s most recent adventures.


Also this:

Interview and gameplay scenes (unfortunately in Spanish):
UPDATE - Now translated:

...I'm looking forward to it. :D
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Hey! 3D sonic where is legs almost go in the circle, finally! It's also interesting to hear the old school jump sound effect tin 3D :P And the the corkscrew in Emerald Hill Zone looks so...silly in good graphics :wacky:

Looking promising, thanks :monster:
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That actually looks kind of cute. But how do you snowboard on a street in the summer time? :huh:

Also, needs more Jaleel White, IMHO. :monster:
Never played Sonic Adventure 2, did you? :)

You know, its funny how the perceived problem with Sonic's bad games is that they've forgotten the roots of speed. But the "modern" Sonic gameplay is faster. It was tight controls and inventive levels that his bad games were lacking. Speed is one thing he hasn't really gone without. After the first level of those 2D games, you didn't actually go all that fast very often.

Anyway, I still think this game looks like great fun. Throw it on the ever-growing 2011 year end pile of releases. I think I'm gonna get fired from whatever job I have at that point :monster:
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