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In the lower levels, life was much more of a challenge. Midgar's lower city was where razor sharp wit and brutal savagery were needed to survive. Few kind hearts were offered to strangers here, indeed, many of the gangs saw the word stranger as a euphemism for enemy. Fearful citizens cowered together, huddled in their shanty houses. Pitiful dwellings forged from road signs, rusted drain pipes and other clutter that the people found within the streets. In the movies whenever a disaster occurred, people always scuttled from the rubble to fight amongst themselves for survival... Midgar was the opposite, the people needed no disaster, they needed no excuses. With nothing else of worth left in the city, the people played for keeps.
It was this bitter reality that had forced the group to embark on their most ambitious subversion of the masters. Most people had fought amongst themselves, or tried futile attacks on the ruling government and been subsequently executed. None of the groups before them had been so unified, so driven to pull off the daring and calculating ploys. Avalanche had made their name in the aftermath of the Wutai war. If Shinra had believed that defeating the eastern warriors had earned them dominance. Then the Genesis crisis had forced them to be wary of danger at their own doors.
He was striking, his head sported a blonde mane that had been drawn into unruly spikes. From a distance he looked like some biker pin-up that teenage girls would drool all over. The wind sweeping the hair about in a random manner. But if his hair stole the limelight, then the figure's eyes drank souls. They were a very deep blue, but at the edge was a twinge of green. It was as if the man had a streak of supernatural energy coursing along his pupils.
The first to attack sported a dark green outfit that ended just below his knees, carefully tucked into a pair of brown boots. The red bandana that held the rough mane of black hair in place; fluttered in the light breeze. Silently he slid up to the edge of the platform, hidden in the space between the rails and the undertray of the carriage. He waited patiently for the first guard to walk on by before he leapt up from the blind spot.
Her brown eyes were trained on the enemy, the thick metal armlets guarding her wrists shone as the light of a nearby streetlamp kissed them delicately. Her palms clutched tightly at a pair of knives, their silvered blades reversed so that they pointed towards her own body. Stealthily she followed her target, her movements silently mirroring that of her quarry. As the careless man reached for his belt to retrieve a pair of handcuffs, she pounced. Quickly turning her knives the other way around, the blades stopping barely an inch from the guard's throat. The figure gave a yelp of terror before the edges ripped through his jugular, spraying blood across her ally's back.


alex is dead
Alex, Ashes, Pennywise, Bill Weasley, Jack's Smirking Revenge, Sterling Archer
The mission had only been over for around twenty minutes. Even so, for Avalanche, they had long since moved from the site and had their focus zoned in on their escape. Cloud had decided to walk towards the rear of the group, his eyes peeled on their tail in case of any pursuit. He'd barely paid any heed to the surroundings that the group had wandered into, though he knew they were no different to any other service level within the metropolis.

The green shaded walls were squalid and damp from where the traces of Mako steam had once flowed. A few dimmed arc lights within the ceiling radiated a tiny yellowed aura across the tunnels. At the edge of the shadows small furred creatures scattered from the advancing booted feet, as though pressed on by an alien sensation that they had forgotten for more than fifteen years.

In the time before these tunnels would have once been the sewers that took the sector's waste out to the disposal sites on the edge of the metropolis. That all changed with the onset of the war between Shinra and Wutai; immediately the President had declared a state of emergency, suspending numerous freedom of movement laws and allowing military mobilisation within the city limits.


alex is dead
Alex, Ashes, Pennywise, Bill Weasley, Jack's Smirking Revenge, Sterling Archer
Soon the stench of the sewers had shifted from faecal matter to oils and engine grease. The deep tunnels were a perfect way to move weaponry across the colossal civilisation without being exposed to any form of ambush. But even if everyone had expected things to return to normal once the war was at an end, the Shinra had other plans. The freedom of movement laws had been forever consigned to history; while the deep tunnels sat empty and void of all movement, the new chemical refinement protocols proved of far greater economic value.

Though Avalanche had been shrewd to remember their existence on this evening, when a top government facility is attacked overtly, the sectors surrounding it attracted the Shinra militia like nails to a magnet. So the terrorists had descended into darkness, off the radar and beneath the gaze of the rulers. Cloud smiled as he thought of the government hopelessly scouring avenues above them in a vain effort to stop them getting anywhere.

Another ten minutes drifted past before the group were ready to begin the escape. Cloud had looked on as Jessie began tapping repeatedly at the device set before an ancient iron door. With his back slumped against the wall, he enjoyed the brief respite granted. For over twelve hours he had been on his feet and, truth to tell, he was starting to feel it.
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