Spreading the word about the site?

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Because a site as awesome as this can only do so good if no one knows about it. What can we do to spread the word and get the site around the FF community?


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Well, if anyone is part of any other forums they can link to here in their sigs or something? Pimping articles posted up here maybe a good idea too in order to get people familiar - in particular, ones hard to find otherwise (ie. Ultimania translations, Dissidia translations)

Posting links in various LJ communities may do some good aswell.

Those are kinda obvious but it's all I can really think of at the moment.


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Ultimania Translations are a big draw right now (our article is hitting 8th on google right now for "Ultimania Translations" and a neoseeker plug is hitting #1). It's where we're getting the majority of our hits from. Plugging links to the main site / forum threads like This will probably help draw people's attention since it's meant to compile all the info in a way that's easy to find, and help draw people in to the forum (even though said example link is not 100% complete yet).

Other boards are an easy place to find discussions going on, and drop comments showing where to find answers to them, especially ones of people asking about what happened to ACF / ACF's content. Other things that are often useful are old contacts from ACF / other FF-related sites that you have e-mail/IM info for if they'd be interested in the place. Someone else may know a good place to drop the info.

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I was kinda sure I had a bunch of 'social bookmark'~like buttons under the posts, but I guess I confused that with my own blog.

But social bookmark / network links is the thing to do nowadays. Linking from signatures might draw some attention, but other sites linking to us through, for example, news posts is the way to go these days.

Send links of our translations and other exclusive content to other sites, both FF news / fansites and otherwise, making sure they cite us as the source fgj.

Anyone that has a weblog or livejournal should include a linky to one of our posts every once in a while, for great justice and whatnot. Prefer to link to specific, informative / exclusive posts instead of just a link to the frontpage, people will usually be more interested in going to a specific item than just a site's frontpage.

...that's all I can think of right now, but I'm sure you lot can think of more.
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