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Square Enix's Osaka team is hiring for its next Kingdom Hearts project


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It would seem that Square's already making preparations for the next title of Kingdom Hearts.

Square Enix is getting ready to start development on its next work within the Kingdom Hearts franchise by listing jobs in the Osaka team for UI Designer, Effect Designer, and Technical Artist for the "HD Development of the Kingdom Hearts series."
Thanks to Kingdom Hearts Union for the tip!

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Now, I'm not sure if this means the one or two spin offs before KH4 or possibly a HD remake of X(Chi) or something similar to Back Cover that, in one of my theories, could reveal more about
Ven, Skuld, Ephemer, Lauriam, Elrena, how three of them came to the present era, if Skuld is the girl whom Lea and Isa meet and try to find, which I still think she may be, but it's hard to say, and Brain's betrayal over them, ect.
, it's hard to say at this point.

Just thought I'd give everyone a heads up ahead of KH3: ReMind.
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