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I cut and pasted this from the 'Recent BS' thread:

Again, anyway: while I'd bet every dime in my bank account that you meant nothing malicious, there's no denying what Mog has pointed out. You do have a terribly awkward way of speaking with people, women especially. And I say that fully aware of the irony that I'm possibly the worst perv up in this motherfucker.

But, yeah, to begin with, you have a sense of humor most people don't get in the first place (not gonna lie, I rarely get your jokes either; or, at least, not why they're funny), and you do come off as terribly aloof most of the time, even when you're not arguing with someone or trying to defend yourself. At that point, you just tend to get really condescending.

This was the moment you needed to humble yourself like you never had in your Interwebs life, and I feel like you blew it. Again, I know you're not a malicious dickhead. You're just terribly awkward, and this was sort of a moment-of-truth kind of thing.

As far as consequences go, shit, I don't know. There's got to be some. Not for being awkward, or for being aloof, or even for making anyone uncomfortable. But you did cross a line in good judgement, for which there must be consequences -- and it's not unreasonable that anyone here would feel uncomfortable with you being in your current position.
Thing is, I've personally come upon times, people and incidents that I feel highly uncomfortable with, and basically feel (due to the 'thanks' system and some other ways of communication) that the message to me is that it's okay, because you're the odd duck out.

I know that I'm older than most of you, and I realize that there are some trends and fads that I'm not aware of or 'in' with. I understand that sometimes it may be a pain-in-the-ass to accommodate me (or anyone) with what is really going on in a thread or in a comment, but it's greatly appreciated. I also understand that I'm more literal than most, and that my own humor is perhaps sometimes strained, definitely sporadic, and maybe different.

Come on guys. I've been here since 2008, a donator (though not much) and I still get asked "why are you here?" That was from a post a while ago, water under the bridge, but - how do you guys think that makes me feel? Especially when I bring up a point that said thread would be horrifically offensive - and is - to those who do not understand the humor involved. To be asked why am I here, after I gave some money to this place?!

I get this attitude from a few of the moderators and a few of the general member-base. Sometimes I really do ask if I am welcome here. I have felt greatly uncomfortable at times. And, to answer that question: I'm here because I'm a fan of Final Fantasy and especially VII. I think this issue of communication and intentions goes beyond present incidents (which I have no knowledge of.)
Here's what I feel about the audit idea and I'd like to see if people agree or disagree.

I think every staff member should be subjected to it. It should be looking at their moderation jobs as a whole, not just drama bits. Every staff member because we need to look at the good and the bad. If we are going to seriously make things right and if it may or may not involve staff changes, we need to know what to avoid and what to shoot for.

I feel this way members will feel they have more say over which members are given power over every one else. Maybe it would become a bit of a popularity contest but you know what, a good mod should be someone who gets along with a large percentage of the member base. That's just how these things work and it reduces the drama. I honestly don't think you can be one of our moderators if a large number of people just don't like you. I don't think you can perform the job and tasks as well. But that's just my opinion and the opinion of a few others I've spoken to.

I think we need to do this semi-officially. We need threads associated, and things organized by person so that we can accurately see how the community feels about these staff members.

I also want to comment on the idea that it should be only recent stuff. Sometimes, it's hard to call out mods, because there's always been this feeling that they are above us and that even if you do complain, they'll go back to the staff section and make a decision without the rest of us and then it'll be considered 'settled'. That's not a good way to run a community. Plus, I don't think someone should be judged on single instances. I think we need to look at their job as a whole, as much of it as possible.

Ryu, for example, I don't think should be judged on this one instance. I'm not saying that I think he should or shouldn't be punished, I'm saying if he's going to be considered for demodding (as has been suggested) we need to seriously look at his moderation skills and how he's performed the job as a whole.

So tldr I think we need to have audits of all staff members and decide as a community if things need to change on staff so this place runs as best it can for all of us.


i guess i ain't worth shit huh
You're but a lowly super moderator, unworthy of the Great Old Ones' respect. The only advantage mods have over regular members is that you'll be eaten first when the Old Gods return, right after the Devoted Cultists and Virgin Sacrifices.


Just as a general remark: I do not intend, and never intended, to make the staff a clique separate from the general population (if you want to call it that), same with the donators with their fancy colors. They should be plain old regular members with a level head and additional powers to help them deal with members that aren't listening to a plain old 'cut that shit out'. That, of course, applies to staffers as well. I'm fine with people - both members and staff - making mistakes, just as long as they don't do it too often. We haven't had to ban anyone for a long while, and even if we did, they were being complete and absolute dicks and I don't think anyone disagreed with their ban.

What was my point again? I forgot, mind is a bit foggy. Oh right, point is, if the staff are coming off as some elitist clique, let us know and suggest ways to change it. I'm open for adding and/or removing people from staff if that's what you guys want, as long as they meet the very strict criteria of being level-headed and not a dick.
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