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Does anybody like Star Ocean 2? I love it. I love the series, but Star Ocean 2 is my favorite. It has a certain majestic charm that the other SOs don't quite have. Who do you "ship", if anyone at all? And do you prefer Claude's side or Rena's?

I've been in search of good Star Ocean 2 fanfic to recommend to a livejournal community (try_this_fic), but it's getting tough to find fics to recommend. Can anyone help? There's just not enough Star Ocean 2 fic out there.

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Star Ocean 2 is one of my favorite games, ever. The story can be kind of corny, but the gameplay and all of the character interactions, optional characters, the ability to build friendships and relationships, the ability to optionally hang out with your party members in towns, cooking (and the Iron Chef-esque cooking contest), weapon crafting, the ability to write and publish books, compose an orchestra, shall I go on?

Definitely awesome.
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