Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

There's no way they thought a dude playing Limp Bizkit in 2021 on their smartphone, after boldly refuting someone's angst ridden dialogue, all while walking out of a dungeon and then hitting stop on the music player upon leaving the premises of the dungeon and reaching the road ahead (as if giving themselves a dramatic musical send off) was not humorous. That's not possible.

There's no playing that scene as "straight" or "serious." It's never been done like that in FF. That's them playing up some hilarity with Kenjiro Tsuda hamming it up hard. Like something straight out of Yu-Gi-Oh!

there are bits where you want to believe it's tongue in cheek and self-aware: neon confirming the element core is not chaos after the fight, then turning back to the guys and seeing they are literally already walking off in the fucking distance like it's the "cool guys don't look at explosions" meme, then i read nomura's interviews about the work and im like, "hmm".

edit: the japanese collector's edition comes with a 272 page script book. i will only believe this was intended as a campy, tongue in cheek product if the script book is 272 pages of "chaos".

I honestly go back and forth about the game's level of self-awareness. (Granted, I've really only seen the two trailers and the infamous "bullshit" scene.) Like, in the "bullshit" scene, I do think the game seems to be riffing on the usual emotional speeches that are often in JRPGs. However, whether the game is also in on the joke about how hilarious it is to see Jack call bs, walk off, and play Limp Bizkit on his phone... that's not totally clear, IMO. It really may be unironically meant to have Jack come off as cool (by dunking on Neon's speech). Idk, it does feel hard to believe that it isn't meant to be funny, but it's sort of unclear if the game is intentionally channeling 2009 or if the basis of it is, like, literally a relic from that era and they're just sort of earnestly going with it. And, yeah, there are the interviews, too - if it is meant to be self-aware/meta you'd think they'd be more up front about it.


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why am i thinking about buying that just for the book lol

I honestly go back and forth about the game's level of self-awareness.
For me, I think it's telling the 2nd English trailer had Jack say Chaos 0 times, while he said Chaos like 4 times in JP lol
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