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It's kind of complicated and there's been a lot of discourse about it but apparently Jensen Ackles had issues with the finale and Andrew Dabb, but basically the other writers/etc didn't seem to really respect Robert/Bob/Bobo Beren's episode (15 x18) that much and just kind and went and did their own thing for the two episodes after even baiting that Cas had returned in 15x19 and having Dean dash for the door in the bunker expecting it to be Cas (it wasn't it was Lucifer who had make a phone call pretending to be Cas using Cas's voice to trick Dean and get him to open the door or something) and other stuff, but the best people got was Dean kind of smiling/doing something with his face (being soft?) after Bobby tells him Cas helped with the new heaven (both Jack and Cas don't appear in the episode, they were just mentioned) and I don't even know if the writers for the finale or the script even had anything to do with that, could just have been Ackles doing improve as best as possible/what he could anyway. Oh yeah there was something else about Dean? saying they had to try and live their lives as best as possible otherwise Cas's sacrifice would been been for nothing.

Apart from from that they just kind of ignored? ... stuffs that had happened in that respects, I think.

So ... No? :sadpanda:
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No, it's ambiguous. Like, come on.

Dean's dead. He has eternity in Heaven to literally do what he wants.

And Castiel lives in Heaven.

There is literally eternity for Dean to do whatever he wants and Castiel is there in Heaven. So...

You can imagine whatever you wish. It's Heaven. It's there. :monster:


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LOL I have that DVD. Fucking loved it.

To commemorate the end of honestly one of my all time favorite tv shows, here's one of the most hilarious moments I just happened upon online.

Also, this. :monster:



The ending felt pretty appropriate from a narrative POV but I thought some of the decisions made were a bit weird. I'll speak in vagueries because I can't be arsed spoiler tagging at this present point in time: the way the thing happens feels contrived, the CW have bad wigs for some reason and I think the ending was negatively impacted because they couldn't get actors back due to covid restrictions. I don't think they confirmed whether the apocalypse world folk came back/ survived and I wish we'd seen Charlie etc. But beyond that, characters that plain should have made a cameo appearance weren't there at all in the place where they should have been.

I still think it was a fitting end but I can understand why some folk are pissed off at Dean's resolution. I thought it seemed pretty appropriate for him tbh, but yeah really sad at the same time. I sobbed uncontrollably for like the last 10-15 minutes of the episode, and again, I wasn't expecting to have much of an emotional reaction beyond shedding a tear for the end of an era like I do with most shows. But I've been watching this one for 15 years so it definitely hit me hard.


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Jack did ressurect everyone. So all those who died on the apocalypse, including Charlie were returned to life.

And yeah. It hits me hard too. I do feel sad Dean had to go out that way. And its pretty twisted... It's sorta like how Chuck said it would happen. The only difference is that they didn't both die... Only Dean did.

But the show drilled this fate hard since.. the beginning. Hunters die only two ways. They either die hard and ugly, or they die fighting and ugly. But if you live like a Hunter, you die hunted. And honestly? Dean lived happily, and he's in Heaven so :monster:

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It is understandable that Covid screwed some things up, but I feel like they should and could have found a way to resolve loose ends like Charlie, Adam, etc. Oddly enough, I can live satisfactorily with how they handled Cas, but those unnecessary danglers are just plain annoying.
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