Symphonic Odysseys - Tribute to Uematsu


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Yeah, it's that time again. The fourth concert in the Symphonic series by the WDR Radio Orchestra Cologne.

Made a thread for Symphonic Fantasies in 2009, some of you might remember that...hopefully. =p
Fantasies was a tribute to Square-Enix with 4 symphonic suites (Kingdom Hearts, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy), each over 15 minutes long.

After last year's Symphonic Legends focused on Nintendo, this one will be a tribute to Nobuo Uematsu with music from Final Fantasy (naturally), Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Chrono Trigger and The Last Story.
Apparently Final Fantasy makes up about half of the concert with a new 15-minute suite as well as a couple of standalone songs.
Aaaaaand of course Uematsu will be attending the concerts as well.

Arnie Roth will be conducting again because he's like, married to Uematsu or something.

Two concerts will be held in Cologne, Germany on the 9th of July at 3pm and 8pm CET.
And just like before there will be a livestream of the concert (8pm CET) here:

I'd recommend to watch it (either live or on youtube as someone's bound to record and upload it :monster: ) because those concerts are always, well, awesome. :P
I'll be attending it next Saturday and can hardly wait for it :awesome:

Also, related interview:
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It's not certain there will even be a release. Last year's Symphonic Legends isn't getting a CD release at all for example (which really sucks, as the concert included a 35-minute Zelda medley that deserves to be released in high quality).
Although from interviews it seems that for some reason, Nintendo is a bit more anal about this. That was also the reason there weren't any composers available for an autograph session at Legends despite the fact Koji Kondo seemed to wanna go.

I do expect there to be a release for this but it might take a while...the SymFantasies CD was out a whole year after the concert.

By the way, Symphonic Fantasies will be performed again in July 2012.
So if anyone has plans to check out Germany and Cologne in particular, that'd be the time. :awesome:


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Not sure if this has been posted already elsewhere, but there will be another Symphonic Odysseys concert in London this June. Tickets go on sale today at 10:00 GMT – seven hours from now. £30-65, plus £10 if you want to attend a "pre-concert talk" with Uematsu, where he'll "discuss his career and take questions from the audience". More information.

I'd go if I lived in the UK. :sigh:
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