Terminator Salvation

Jesse McCree. I feel like a New Man

Nine Inch Nails in my terminator? is this a dream?

I plan to get mum to watch this as a belated mother's day showing. She loves the film series due to Ahnuld (yes. she's got a thing for musclebound men like Dr. Manhattan or Van Damm :duhard:) . I'm sure she doesn't mind if Ahnuld's merely an endoskeleton in this one. :monster:

and regardless of Bale Out, I love the new toys in this film. that is the robots. sick collection is sick!


Ready for the mosh pit, shaka brah
This movie could be pretty awesome.
Let's just hope Bale didn't trash all the lights yet. :monster:
Jesse McCree. I feel like a New Man
I saw him trash enough lights in that trailer already. My only concern is that robot who thinks he's human. Too faggy for a terminator...
Jesse McCree. I feel like a New Man
hrmm.. doesn't work on IE6. Will use firefax later on laptop.

Bale was right. the film will be awesome.


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Nine Inch Nails are overrated to hell. Hopefully this movie isn't.
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