Tetsuya Nomura To Announce Widely Requested Game Next Year

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In an interview with Japanese gaming magazine Gomega, Tetsuya Nomura, father of Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy stylist, and co-conspirator on lots of other Square-Enix titles, promised a game that is highly requested by fans - some personally requested it from him, and the reaction he expects from the announcement is downright huge.

So, which is it? Kingdom Hearts III? A remake of the biggest Final Fantasy ever, VII? Well, either way, the huge array of fans will be rejoicing!
I put my bets on the Final Fantasy VII remake.

Source: RPGLand

Yes, maybe it's the the gift of Square Enix and the major Character Designer of Final Fantasy Series (VII - Compilation Of FF VII, VIII, X and XIII's), Tetsuya Nomura.

In a interview printed yesterday in the japanese Magazine Gamega, he respond to the journalist "If 2010, will the year for the announcement of the game of his dream?"

"I can just say, that indeed, whereas I'm still working on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Agito XIII and a little later on The 3rd Birthday (this year), we will announce other games this year and which one is terribly waited from everyone and often "REQUESTED" by fans and even of the press crew that I meet All over the World."

KH III, no sure, A game Very waited by fans could be a Kingdom Hearts game, but by the press, it's just NO.

The only possibility is a FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, so Kawazu (Crystal Chronicles/ Ivalice Alliance / SaGa) wasn't kidding us. A FFVII Remake Announcement. Is it in preparation for NEXT E3 or TGS 2010?

Source: N4G
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Also good to see you're posting sources. Instead of trying to make it look like you can actually string more than 2 sentences together.:awesome:
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