Tetsuya Nomura Working On Two Unannounced Titles


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From an interview with Nomura, he revealed that they've got two new titles to be revealed.


--- What about "Agito XIII"?

Nomura: It's progressing steadily on time. But at present, we are thinking that "The Third Birthday" will be first. We'll be releasing proper info on both titles from next year, so I hope people will look for to that. Also, there's an undisclosed title that's been moving faster than we thought.

--- You mean a new game?

Nomura: I can't say (laughs). Development is going well, and we've started recording the voices too. Additionally, though it's not strictly new, there's another unannounced title as well. Please look forward to the announcement.

Talk about a busy guy. Tetsuya Nomura worked as main character designer on Final Fantasy XIII, director and designer for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and ditto for Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

We forgot Final Fantasy Agito XIII! He's character designer for that, too.

In the most recent issue of Famitsu, Nomura reveals that he is working on two unannounced titles. He gives some updates, saying that they are working to bring up the quality so that the difference between real time and pre-renders in the upcoming Final Fantasy Versus XIII is seamless. He also says that development for Agito is going favorably.

"There is a still yet unannounced title that I am working on sooner than thought," he says. Voice recording for this title has begun.

"It's not a brand new title, but there is one more unannounced title."
Not a brand new title, could be what we've all been hoping for or could be KH3. Just thought I'd share this.


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Oooh. This makes interestingz, good call Purple. I hope it's something we've been waiting for, as you said. Can't wait until these are announced :joy:. Please let it be good, please let it be good......

~ SoS


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Why are there two of these threads?


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I'd prefer a FF6 remake, though due to the size a FF6 remake may have to be UMD. Dissidia has recently shown Terra and Kefka's glory in 3D, it's time to harness this resurgence of awesomeness with a remake!
^While I wholeheartedly agree, I really have every expectation of them doing it on DS. I REALLY don't want them to...but they will.

I'd be happy with the Compilation conclusion, myself :-P
Probably something else FFXIII related. They seem to want to turn it into the new compilation title. Don't they already have like 3 games announced in that universe?

Barring that Something not FF related. Either KH or something completely different.

Then my guess would be the next entry the FFVII compilation. They sure cock-teased it enough.

Then last on my list would be the FFVII remake.


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No, Nomura's releasing DoC again.

And the Bouncer.

Seriously though, who knows. I vote sequel to Vagrant Story.


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An epic prequel to the sweeping majesty of the Bouncer would be rather magnificent /sarcasm.
WTF. Faggots need to actually finish and release a few games before they go about making more. The goddamn XIII trilogy hasn't been finished and they already have trailers for XIV. Now this. These idiots are getting ahead of themselves.


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Agreed, SE are staffed by morons. They need to stop making fucking spin off games and novelties for the DS and PSP and devote their time and effort into making something of outstanding quality on consoles that don't need to rely on handheld gimmickry.


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I'm sure they're multitasking and doing both at the same time. He did say that their development schedule with FFXIII Vs and Agito was going smoothly.

Hell, the fact they released FFXIII on time and its not even been delayed once is a sign of that.

I don't think they'd seriously start biting off more than they could chew. :monster:
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I'd rather not see anything from the Compilation for a while... I think they need to let it die down a bit. We just had ACC this year I think they should wait a couple years before anything else. IT's probably just me though


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Yeah, who needs for the Compilation to finally wrap itself up and conclude its story?

Just leave it on a cliffhanger for a decade. So then when it starts back up everyone will be too old to care and won't know what's going on.
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