The DarkSydePhil FF7 Playthrough


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Yoshikage Kira
We knew it was coming.

The eventual This is How You Don't Play FF7.

Stream link:

Will update when he finally uploads the full video.​
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A very famous (or rather infamous) streamer from the early, early days of YouTube and Twitch.

He's shit, tbh. Terrible attitude and just fucked up person. He also got caught masturbating on stream. Before he thought he went live, he decided to rub one out to some porn, but his cam was on. So his entire sub saw him cum live and yeah.

He's notorious for being bad at shit, raging and blaming the game or other players for his loss.


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I had never heard of him. Just saw a video of him complaining about not getting more money for these ff7 streams. He also choked the chicken on stream before? Smh
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