The Epic Final Fantasy Medleys


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Hi guys,

I've been doing big FF Medleys for a few years now, maybe some of you are already familiar with them ;)

And here's one of the outtakes from the FFVIII one which I just released yesterday ! My own version of The Oath :)



Welcome :monster:

I love them all! I know a few people here like them aswell. Feel free to browse around and join in with the discussions if you feel like it.

I've got the V and IX medleys on my phone, they turn the bus journeys into something bearable on my way to and from uni.

I don't want to be that guy but............. do you have any sort of timescale for the next video (which I assume will be VIII part 2?). I get excited every time I see a new video posted on your channel XD.

I have no shame. Oh well :monster:
Holy smokes! It is such a great honor to see you post here!

I've listened to the FF6, FF7 and FF8 medleys SO MANY TIMES. The collaboration in the FF8 Part 1 medley is just astounding.


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Thanks a lot guys !

Lex > No harm in asking ^^
Part 2 should indeed be the next one, and I'd say it's about 90% done !
I'm very picky about details so it sometimes takes me some time to finish these, plus I often have some new ideas to improve them ;)
It's also a big job to manage all of the guests, each one of them delivering their tracks at their own pace !
So it's hard to give an estimate, I'd love to have it done by September though ;)


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Hey, I love your work! I've listened to all of your medleys many times over the last year or so. I think V is my favourite, but they're all great.

It's a very nice surprise to see you posting here, I hope you stick around! :)
Holy crap it's you!

I freaking love your medleys! As Lex said, 5 and 9 are particular favorites. You're standalone video of Evil Lord Exdeath is also a favorite.

Its great to have you!
Welcome, welcome! As everyone has already stated, your medleys are amazing! Absolutely love them. You (and those who join you) are incredibly talented. Can't wait to hear more from you! And yes, please, poke around the boards and chime in if you like :)
Your music is brill I really love what you've done with it and am now a fan :joy: So glad you joined us here. I'm also waiting for the next one with baited breath :excited:


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Hey guys !

I have just released my latest vid, which is something I'd been thinking of doing for a while... take the small bit of Shadow's Theme from my FFVI Medley and extend it to a full song !

Here it is :)



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Holy moly. I'd never seen these before just now. I am so very impressed.

I also really enjoy the way you've integrated scenes from the games into the videos alongside footage of recording the music.


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The Man, V
These are really great. I think the FFV one is my favourite. I'll listen to the new one soon; cheers.


Ooooh Salty!
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Man that Legendary Beast part is just amazing. Scratch that, Maybe I'm A Lion+Legendary Beast+The Extreme is amazing.


That segue from The Extreme to the ending though <3 Also some sneaky Fisherman's Horizon in there.

I love what you did with the console at the end!
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