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The Final Fantasy XIV Thread [Current Patch Shadowbringers 5.2]

Shame FFXIV’s only doing one dungeon per patch now (according to the newest letter from the producer stream) I guess apparently the optional non-MSQ weren’t unlocked/run that often? Also if they are using the freed up developed time/resources for other different content that’s a reasonable trade-off.

Oh and Ruby Weapon is going to be a new trial which looks cool.
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Finished the 5.2 MSQ and here are my super emotional thoughts on the "warrior of light" in the trailer

Good job SE:femrage: . During 5.0 I kept thinking that Ardbert will come back to life after he balance out the light in me. And I'd show him around the source and take him to eat and shit:alone: . I firmly believed in my prediction until he gave everything for us:alone:
And in 5.2 right after we told everyone the truth of Ardbert, he showed up in the crowd with that signature slow steps my heart literally stopped. And like immediately you know that is not really him
Even Akira Ishida can't save you Elidibus! I won't let you live till the next expansiooooon:ffuuu:
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