The Final Fantasy XIV Thread [SHADOWBRINGERS LAUNCH 5.0!!]


Can I gush a little over how excited I am for the first patch I can actually be part of and excited for since we started playing this game?

We played on the free trial for... over 2 years, I think. Due to shit and stuff, we couldn't buy and subscribe. But this year, we finally could. We've spent the last few months playing pretty much nothing but XIV, sprinting through everything we've missed.

Naturally "baby's first patch" lands when we're away for a few weeks.:closedmonster: But it's still exciting!
The Engineer
DRK is my tank main!

What level are you playing DRK at? At lvl 70+, it's amazing and I regularly pull double pulls so long as the healer is up to it. The Blackest Night (TBN) is pretty OP from a defense perspective and in large dungeon pulls, you should be using it on CD and supplementing with Rampart/Shadow Wall at the beginning of the pull if you are having trouble. TBN is also the go-to ability to use on tankbusters when facing bosses because it nullifies 25% of your HP damage, which is pretty sweet if you're just getting the hang of the job.

Below level 70, before you get TBN, is where DRK has problems. And it call feel squishy then. That's when knowledge of a particular dungeon becomes more crucial. Sometimes I still double pull, other times I don't. But it also has a lot to do with how good of a healer you have. I typically double pull the first pull of the dungeon if I can and see how the healer handles it. If they handle it fine, then it's double pulls for the rest of the dungeon, if they don't, then I oftentimes single pull it.

It does really depend on the dungeon and the healer though. Even in experts there are some dungeons where the hardest pull is the very first one and how well the healer does there doesn't indicate how well they'll do the rest of the dungeon. Other times there's mobs that will specifically make pulls hard if you don't stun certain abilities, etc.
The Engineer
24-man raids are weighted for 24 casuals to do. So they can have quite a few people die and still be salvageable. They are not at all at the level of Savage or Extreme fights. You pretty much just join them through the Duty Finder. There's even a Roulette for them that gives you a decent chunk of end-game currency or experience points. Communication isn't really needed as the community figures out a general strat and markers in like... the first month the raid is out. And over time, they get easier as people out-gear them. And the entire point of 24-mans is to help the casual players catch up to the item level of the hard raids.

However... they have some of the most spectacular set-pieces and bosses in the entire game in terms of scale. They're usually the scene for stories where the location and spectacle is part of the story-telling in some way. So... the Crystal Tower, World of Darkness, Weeping City, Rabanaster, Ridorana Lighthouse, the Nechrohol... they are all gorgeous zones with bosses that feel massive.

Which is part of the reason everyone is so excited for YoRHa and NieR being a 24-man. There are some absolutely massive bosses and iconic locations in NieR and with the 24-man format, they can actually feel in FFXIV like they feel in NieR. And if NieR was just some normal crossover, all we'd get would be a few bosses and no custom locations. Let alone the the sheer scale needed for it to feel right. Also... the 24-man raids have a three part story that is fairly long with a lot of cut-scenes in it. So there's enough time to actually make a story that feels involved as opposed to something simple like the other SE crossover events we've had. And who doesn't want NieR inspired armor either?
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