The first song you remember hearing


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Post yours, if you can. Not everyone can pin theirs down easily.

I vividly recall this ColecoVision-sounding bassline (along with some positively ancient memories of California):

I know where I lived from about 1985-1987, when I was 1-3 years old, and recall a lot of the music I would see on television, hear on the radio, and even at the mall, during that time. Issue is determining which song I recall hearing first because that period is blurred nicely together in my memories (much like last week :mon:).

Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time music clip would feature in my dreams though. The caravan in the woods and the boyfriend's weird choice in fashion (surprisingly, over Lauper's appearance) evidently having an impact on my infant brain.

Also have distinct memories of Bangles, Bananarama, Top Gun soundtrack, Dire Straits, Hall & Oates, Sade, and Enya give or take in that order of prominance. Of course, I remember lots of other music, but no distinct situation attached to them.


Great Old One
"I just called to say I love you" by Stevie Wonder. It came out when I was 3 and that's the year my earliest memories are from. According to my mum I knew the entire song - in Gibberenglish of course as I didn't speak a word of English at the time :monster:


Marty McFlyin’
I want to say it was “Upside Down” by Diana Ross. When I was a baby/toddler I had this circus tape that featured this song. I have distinct memories of being entranced with the trapeze and metal ball thing with this song playing.

@Ghost X I also recall lots of Top Gun soundtrack from toddlerhood. My mom was super into it, and then later Vanilla Sky. I still adore these soundtracks. I feel like the first music you’ve heard leaves a lifelong influence. For me that was a hell of a lot of 80s pop and disco even though I was born in 94.
I can not confidently recall a "song", but since one of my earliest memories involve me drawing a goomba (and in general being in vicinity to the NES) I'm pretty sure the earliest tunes I "remembered" were the themes to Super Mario Bros, Excitebike and Ice Climber.


Waiting for something
I dunno if this counts, does traditional, little songs you'd hear count?

An old traditional song from Belfast I think at least it is called My Aunt Jane my dad use to always sing it when I'd sit in his lap from no age. Kinda never left me if i'm honest.

The lyrics I remember him singing although i'm sure there's variations were.

My Aunt Jane she called me in

She gave me tea outta her wee tin

Half a bap, sugar on the top

Four black lumps outta her wee shop.

She called me in but I wouldn't go

She shut the door on my big toe

Oh oh oh, my big toe

Fell in the buttermilk and I didn't know.

Don't ask about the lyrics and the idea of an aunt slamming the door on her neice or nephew's toe but yeah that's what I remember, there was definitely othwr verses but that one definitely sticks out.

Now if we're talking more conventional songs then I guess Elton Johns Sacrifice is the first mainstream music I remember hearing on the radio as a child, I was maybe 3 or 4, but My Aunt Jane I remember before that one.
Mr. Ite
I had a wind-up clown stuffed animal that would play “Send in the Clowns” so it was probably that.

Many years later, when I saw the play that song was from, I couldn’t help but laugh. That song is about a failing relationship, but some toymaker was like “yeah clowns whatever” and put it in a doll.
Shademp's post reminded me Mario Cement Factory's tune is probably a genuine contender also. My maternal grandparents had the table top game.


Guiding Moonlight
The warp room theme to Crash Bandicoot 3. I have vague memories of watching my dad and my sister playing that game; first game I ever played myself, even.

As far as music by bands, my dad loved The Prodigy, and I remember him playing Omen when going out to cut the grass. Very specific, but hey :lol:
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