The Lifestream Final Fantasy Podcast – Episode 24


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It's the 24th episode of The Lifestream Final Fantasy Podcast! Join Flintlock, Tetsujin, Lex, Tennyo and Carlie as they discuss the latest Final Fantasy news and share their thoughts on Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age and other remastered games.

News featuring in this episode includes:

This episode's main discussion topic and question for the listeners is: Do remasters make old games obsolete or do you still find reasons to play them? Email us at [email protected], comment on our YouTube upload of this episode, post a message in this thread or leave a comment on the front page and we'll read a selection of your feedback in the next episode! We'd also love to hear your questions, comments, and episode topic suggestions, and we'd appreciate it if you could leave us a review on iTunes.

Music appearing on this podcast:
Total run time: 1:40:47. Contains explicit language.

Thanks to guest contributor ChipNoir for his assistance in editing this episode.


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And on a personal level I'd like to thank Tets, Lex, Tenny and Carlie for making my first real attempt at hosting go smoothly, Chip and Tenny for editing it, Vader for uploading it and Pixel for creating the episode image and putting the Youtube video together. :)

I'm happy with it how it turned out but I know I can improve as a host. Experience should help with that but criticism will help too, so hit me with your best shot. :monster:


"How about you just shut the fuck up and give us some news, mate?" Beautiful.
- Lex, Site Director of, the most intricate website for FFVII content - to Tetsuya Nomura, big FFVII person

Marry me?

Listened to it all. I don't tune in often enough, but it's really enjoyable (unless I'm just super biased about its people :wacky:), so I must do so more often in future :) - Nice job, everyone!


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You're welcome! It was fun to listen and be a contributing member of our community! I look forward to working on the next episode ^_^ You're an awesome host Flint, and the rest of you were on point!


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I enjoyed listening to this a lot on saturday. I was actually lying on my bed with my eyes closed, with this massive headache, iPad on my lap and the podcast playing without pause. :lol: It was seriously one of the best things I could've done with a headache that horrible, resting like that, and this podcast helped me to actually enjoy part of that day and lying in bed.
So, thanks everyone who contributed, you made a shitty and painful day much much better without even meaning to <3

As for the question about remasters:
Do remasters make old games obsolete or do you still find reasons to play them?

I usually will play the originals still, but likely only if I played the original before the remaster ever came out. Oftentimes playing the original version gives me a nostalgia, I suppose, and playing the remaster doesn't give the same because oftentimes remasters are, well, different in some fashion. If a remaster was purely a graphical upgrade and nothing else, I think it's likely that the chances of me playing the original would just fade over time.
However if there's more that's been changed or added in the remaster, that gives me reason to play both versions, like X's remaster for example (and likely with Zodiac Age as well, the added job system vs. the original's system alone gives me reason to continue playing both versions depending on how I want to play).
So I suppose the tldr of it is, if there are multiple differences made between the original and remaster, it's very likely I'll continue playing them both.
Which I really enjoy seeing, if a company remasters a game and they add extra goodies along with graphical upgrades. :D

Speaking of remasters I wish they'd remaster the first Deus Ex but I'd be so worried they'd screw it up somehow that I'm also happy they haven't yet. :monster:

Edit: "You can go around drinking beer and fighting with your neighbors, and it's basically a simulation of Finnish life."
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I listened to this on the plane going home, cheers for the shoutout gais :monster: I think you covered TZA pretty well, considering it wasn't a dedicated podcasts. Not too much for me to point out :wacky:, other than that there's actually a few new tracks to the XII:TZA soundtrack, it's not just a remaster in that sense. Giza Plains dry and Tchita used to have the same soundtrack, Tchita now gets a new one. Same for Ogir-Yensa and the third level of Pharos, they also got new tracks. There's also a new battle theme for some battles. Do I like them... weeeelll, I still do miss the third level Pharos track, and the glorious battle track. Plus. THEY CHANGED SUBTERRA. I know Subterra is a rerun of a track playing in several other dungeons, but seriously... Subterra will ALWAYS be that one track. Always.

/XII rant

Good job hosting, Flint, don't worry about it, you did really well :monster:

And I really like the edits, good job Chip, this is an edit to my taste :monster:

And guests, well done as usual, and TETS - the hell your English is fucking brilliant! I hadn't heard you speak before and was confused at first :lol:


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I really enjoyed the episode guys! Well done! Thank you the shoutout! I miss all of you! :monster:

The editing was on point (well done Chip!). All of the participants sounded great. I was most certainly entertained! By the way, I love the addition of the "What's New On the Lifestream" segment. Not sure why I never really thought about it but it is a fantastic addition. It's a terrific way to draw people to the site.

In response to this week's question for the listenership: It's a complicated question that I think requires a complicated answer. I'm not sure if you would count the PS4 version of FFVII as a remaster, but with the enhancements and such...I feel like it's a superior version of the game on the whole for an experienced player. Sure, I could go back to the original PS1 version of the game but why bother with hooking up the system when the PS4 version is just as good and has the enhancements?

The remasters don't kill my nostalgia for the original releases though. For instance, IMO, the iOS remasters of FFV and FFVI look absolutely terrible. Their appearance is so awful that I just can't stomach to purchase them. I'd rather play them on my GBA, DS, or Vita. With VI, I even sometimes feel like I'd rather just play my SNES version of the game.

I haven't yet had a chance to play FFXII:TZA but it looks terrific. I've heard there have been some changes to the soundtrack that some view as a bit of a negative. I was never all that crazy about FFXII's soundtrack anyway so that doesn't bother me. If the changes made to the gameplay and advancement systems have made an improvement from the original, then it might become my personal favorite version of the game. However, I don't think that it renders the old version obsolete. It just becomes a matter of personal preference. You have to take the nostalgia factor into account.

While I am anxiously anticipating the release of the FFVII remake, I highly doubt it will EVER be able to replace my love for the original game. With the changes they are making, I'm sure there will alterations that some of us won't like. We may not even end up liking the battle system or how they alter the materia system. There will likely always be a reason to go back to the original version of the game to get our fix of nostalgia.
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Can't believe you guys had a podcast about XII and didn't invite me. I'm boycotting this shite.


Just kidding, I'll give it a listen when I get the chance! :lol:
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