"the Planet" or "the planet" - which is it?


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I was just thinking about this and wondering which way it's supposed to be. It's used both ways throughout the game, sometimes even in the same scene, so I'm a little confused about it. Is the inconsistency part of how VII's original translation was bungled, or was that intended?
The original game PS1 game is inconsistent, sometimes writing "planet" and sometimes "Planet". The PC version used capitalization more often.

Compilation titles like Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus always write "the planet", so the standard there is lower-case. Indeed I have the Crisis Core script ripped and there was not a single instance of "the Planet".

You can also see in this copy of the English subtitles for Advent Children Complete that the script only ever used lower-case for "planet". Same with the subtitles for the original English version of Advent Children.

The Japanese word used is “hoshi” (星) which means “star” or “celestial body”. There is no standard here that would imply the English translation should be capitalized or that it should be considered a title.


Author of FFVII: Lifestream
Thanks, Shad, I appreciate it. I had gone with lowercase originally in my story, but after looking at the game script some more and the ending FMV, I was a bit confused. But knowing that the rest of the Compilation is consistent with its use of "planet" helps a lot. :)


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i'd just say "the planet". I don't think they ever have a reason to call it by name and "Planet" sounds like a pretty boring name. (or it will sound like bad grammer to say "I live on Planet!") basically, if someone says something's wrong with the planet, you'd probably assume it's the one you're living on. Even we sometimes call earth "the planet" when referring to it. instead of saying "global warming is affecting Earth", we often just say "global warming is affecting the planet". I think it works the same way in ffvii. So i'd just say it's "the planet".
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