The 'Super W-Item Glitch'

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Helping to make this public knowledge;
The W-Item glitch, which can indefinitely duplicate selectable items during battle, can under the right conditions work even on items which are not selectable during battle. I thought since the Test 0 battle was a legitimate subject here, this one might interest you all. It's a fairly unknown extention of the W-Item glitch.

Here are videos to show.

You will want to receive an item during the battle itself, whether it be through stealing, morphing, or killing an enemy who stole the said item from you.
Before receiving that item, make sure to have used W-Item in this way;
Use up a specific item you only have 1x of, for example Potion, so you have an empty slot in your item list.
When you receive the desired item (through stealing/morphing/retrieving) it will fill up the spot in your item list which Potion previously occupied.
Now continuously select and de-select a second item, and the item you just received will be duplicated!

Essentially what happens is that instead of duplicating Potions, the new item which took its place in the item list will be duplicated instead. So even non-selectable items like Speed Source or Ultima Weapon can be copied.

The item must be received during battle. This can be tricky because your most common method will be by the 'retrieval' method; letting an enemy steal your item, then killing the enemy and re-acquiring the item (and doing the duplication trick). A tedious process since the item to be stolen is random.

Morphing and retrieval also assumes that the battle continues after the enemy is destroyed; if the battle ends you just don't have time to duplicate the item. So the single enemy battles in the Gelnika are of no help.

Not all items can be stolen. In other words they can NOT be duplicated.
Here is a list of those items:
Great Gospel (probably all L4 Limit Manuals can't be duplicated)
Save Crystal (Ergo, no way to create multiple save spots in the Northern Crater)
Guide Book
Buster Sword
Gatling Gun
Silver Barette (You can buy 99 of these but can't sell them)
Seraph Comb

Using this trick it is possible to have one item type occupy two spaces in the item list. 99*2 (198) possible to stock of that item then. This is apparently done through the stealing method; let the first item you use through W-Item and the item you steal (or retrieve) be the same kind. When you duplicate/copy long enough the item will take up two spots in the item list. This seems to only be possible with selectable items though, I think...

However this can lead to glitches; the extent of which are not known.

For those, like me, who strive towards the Perfect Save File, this removes a certain choice when you execute the Northern Crater Duplication trick (YES! Another duplication trick, although much more limited) in which you have to choose between getting an extra Mystile or an extra Mega-All. The ability to duplicate Mystiles makes the Mega-All a natural choice.


Source: GameFaqs.

Is this cool or what?! :monster:
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Nifty, though I note that ability to MAKE a second Mega all, however time consuming, always made the choice of a third mystile always more concrete in my mind til now.
You can of course master materias indefinitely. But part of the Perfect Game challenge is to get as many as possible of the rare materia; for example not missing the Element materia in Tifa's piano and such. So having two potential Mega-Alls to master is different from having just one to master.
It appears this trick has received yet another upgrade, making even more items duplicable.

If you open the PSX lid when you morph an enemy, who is the only enemy around, the battle screen won't fade away and you can thus continue duplicating an item. So now even the Spirit Source from the Serpent enemy in Gelnika, and the Guide Book among other items, are possible to copy.

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