The TLS Awards 2015: Discussion


We have come to terms
Just wondering if the nomination threads were posted somewhere and I just missed it in the pile of 10000000 threads that had new posts in them while I was away

trash panda

I can halp Carlie with tallying up the names to start off with. IIRC we all poste our nominations and then Aaron would usually count them all up, right?

I don't recall a "most informative person" category and I've been thinking that if there were such a thing I know a few people I'd nominate.
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Chloe Frazer
I was planning to make a thread on Monday so people could choose which categories from last year they wanted to keep, which ones they wanted out and which ones to add.

This are the categories from last year: (+ on what I think should be kept, - on what I think should be removed, if it doesn't have either is because I don't mind either way)

TLS Lifetime Achievement Award+
Best site contributor+
Best staffer+
Best quality poster+
Best newcomer+
Hottest male+
Hottest female+
Biggest overall FF wonk+
Biggest non-FF geek+
Member you'd most like to meet in real life+
Member you'd most like to bone+
Horniest member+
Best drunk/stoner+
"Wish You Were Here" Award (Most missed/ post more)+
The Phoenix Down Award (Best comeback)+
Best graphics (avatar/signature/etc.)+
The TLS Art Prize+
The TLS Literature Prize+
Most entertaining/funniest+
Most talented (art, writing, music etc)+
Most improved+
Most predictable+
Biggest username changer+
Bounciest boobies+
Best ass+
Best beard+
Most pistoning pen0r+
Best ship TLS OTP+
Most pedantic+
Best thread starter Most creative topic starter+
Most fervent TLSer+
Best .gif reply+
Most likely to need a swear filter
Most likely to go the extra mile
Member most likely to make the best tasting food -
TLS Peace Prize +
Nicest Smile +
Cookie Monster of the Year
Best Bromance+
Member Most Likely to Suggest Award Ideas They'll Never Win (Ya'll can't blame me this time if it gets voted in :monster:)
Least Likely to Win an Award +
Sexiest Voice +
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Holy, Personified
Katie; Seta.
No one has bouncier boobs than I do!

Anyhow, another year, another time to whine about not being nominated/winning an award (though I won last year's paradox award)!

Hmmmm... Wow. Is it really this time already?
I think we should have a sexiest stomach category, where we vote on whose midriff/belly/abs are the best looking. I have a rather nice set of abs for someone who hasn't worked out regularly in months, if I do say so myself.


Bad Habit
Ruby Rose, Lucy
I had a look through previous TLS Awards because I left before this was a thing... I'm proud to see I retained my Biggest Dramawhore title from FCF and into the new forum.

Although now y'all have removed my category. :closedmonster:


Pro Adventurer
I know my opinions of the awards are considerably different from most others here, but I think we should try to avoid having too many awards based on physical appearance. Same goes for gender-segregated awards.
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