The Unofficial Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Speculation Thread


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Hey mods, I didn't see a thread for this and couldn't find one searching. Let me know if it's a problem.

I'm incredibly stoked for this game. Like, way more than any human has ever been stoked for a mobile game before. As I watch the trailer a couple times a week, I noticed the designs of the characters are pulling on Remake. Which led to a question:

EC's FF7 OG story will be about 10 chapters with the 3rd being the escape of Midgar. Slight Remake spoiler... that's the end of Part 1.

So, we're getting Remake character designs, but all 10 parts of FF7. Do you think new characters like Roche, or any story tweaks will come from Remake? How much, if any, will Remake get spoiled by this?

Nojima has, i believe, also said that there will be chapters featuring the youth of some of the FF7 characters. If so, do you also think any of the novels/short stories will get included?


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That is the 1 million dollar question. Imo, I don't think Square would do anything to compromise any FFVIIR launch, given that they are major flagship titles for the company. But it will be interesting to see


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If that's their approach, and we're mostly sticking to OG FF7 just with modern designs, it makes me think they may also continue the DoC ending cutscene provided Remake isn't doing something WEIRD to continue that.

I wouldn't mind a final original compilation chapter in it.

That all said, I really do hope Remake-only characters like Roche will show up. More the merrier as far as characters are concerned IMO.


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I'm excited for Ever Crisis. Sucks about the gacha elements though. No matter how "good" the game is about them, I find the concept inherently corrupt... Still gonna play it though.

Just like with Remake, I enjoy speculating how the story will be split up. We know from interviews the original game will be broken up into about ten chapters and Midgar will take up the first three of them. My convoluted internal logic says they could do it all in twelve. I considered the natural story peaks when deciding the break points, which is often at disc swaps or when the party gets a new vehicle.

Chapter 1
Mako Reactor #1
Sector 7 slums
Mako Reactor #5

Chapter 2
Sector 5 slums
Wall Market
Sector 7 pillar

Chapter 3
Sector 7 aftermath
Shinra Building infiltration
Shinra Building escape

Chapter 4
Nibelheim Incident
Consider this the "exposition" arc. Midgar and the Nibelheim Incident together set the stage for the world and characters. Lots of text, just like the original game.

Chapter 5
Chocobo Farm
Mythril Mine
Fort Condor
Under Junon
Cargo Ship

Chapter 6
Costa del Sol
North Corel
Gold Saucer
Corel Prison

Chapter 7
Cosmo Canyon
Mt Nibel
Rocket Town

Chapter 8
Gold Saucer
Temple of the Ancients
Bone Village
City of the Ancients
This is the "globetrotting" arc (and my favorite part of the original game). Admittivity, Chapter 5 is super long. If there's any chapter that could be broken up further, it's that one (I'd slice it between Fort Condor and Junon). But I don't want 13 chapters. That's just wild.

Chapter 9
Icicle Inn
Great Glacier
Gaea's Cliff
Northern Crater
Weapon attack on Junon

Chapter 10
Fort Condor
North Corel
Weapon attack on Mideel

Chapter 11
Underwater Reactor
Rocket Town
City of the Ancients
Weapon attack on Midgar

Chapter 12
Northern Crater
The "meteor crisis" arc. Pretty self-explanatory. I like the "Mideel to Mideel" aspect of Chapter 10. All but the finale end with a Weapon attack. Neat!

Final Fantasy VII is known for its luxurious side content. I thought about including these areas in the main story, but couldn't do so in a way that doesn't disrupt the pacing. I propose a "bonus" chapter for this side content.

Bonus Chapter
Lucrecia's Cave
Ancient Forest (Ultimate Weapon battle)
Gelnika (Emerald Weapon battle)
Gold Saucer (Ruby Weapon battle)
One area for Yuffie, one for Vincent, and three for the Weapon battles. I imagine the Weapons being fully incorporated into the areas. Maybe Ruby Weapon is actually attacking the Gold Saucer for example, or maybe the researchers at Cosmo Canyon observe that Ultimate Weapon rests at the Ancient Forest.
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Do we know how long the rest of the compilation entries are going to be?

I have a hard time imagining a playable AC EC. Explorable Edge? Motorcycle mini-games? A super cute chibi Cloud dealing with serious mental stuff? Hello??

When it comes to OG EC, we're sticking too much to the original in our predictions. I have a feeling some areas will either be much shorter or cut out completely, like... all that additional stuff on the map a la Ancient Forest, the caves, the Weapons. It's a mobile game, so I don't expect such freedom of exploration as we have in the old game.

I mean as long as it's not characters
If gacha allows us to play as different Turks with different scenarios in BC EC, it will be worth it. I wonder if the Turks who are available for a fight will have full-body models like what we were shown in the trailer of OG EC. Imagine Cissnei fighting based on Yuffie's mechanics? Oh, a girl can dream, I guess.


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I'm excited, Ever Crisis will finally allow us to play Before Crisis. I've been dreaming with that game since forever! To me, that was the best part of the Compilation and it didn't get out of Japan. We (?) got to play Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode but not Before Crisis, come ooonnn dude...

Speaking of Dirge of Cerberus, I think Ever Crisis would give S-E the opportunity to add some context to it's secret ending. Maybe we'll see a bit of what happens after that...?

Now, what if... somehow, that event ends up connecting the OG to the Remake? We know for a fact that Genesis and Weiss are out there, Genesis has something in mind but we have no idea what it is, beyond "protecting the planet". It's 100% uncharted territory out there, so anything might happen.

I might be on the minority here but I kinda want them (S-E) to go crazy with the space-time shenanigans, I trust them.

Buuut even if nothing of the sort happens, I'd still like some kind of closure for the Compilation... that cliffhanger from DoC still feels way too weird to me, even after all these years.


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I'm still hella excited for EC ngl, even though I despise gacha with burning passion and still believe it's total customer exploration and should be much more regulated (or outright banned lol). Guess that's what months of playing Genshin does to you.

I'm still left wondering about the design part tho. I mean, they are pushing Remake design into the mix, but we all know it will reach the ending much sooner.
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