The VII Best Cinematics: FINAL POLL

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We've had twists and turns. Knockouts and comebacks. And it's all lead to this: which cinematics will come out on top? You have 72 hours to decide!!!

Weapon vs Junon


The Opening to VII

Thank you lot as always for taking part!
This one is really difficult for me.

The thing about the Sapphire Weapon vs Junon FMVs is that these are among the sequences that have aged the best even after all these years. With other FMVs like the opening or Aerith's death, repeated watchings will have you pointing out errors and imperfections with the graphics and animations.

There's also the question of whether I should count all the Sapphire Weapon FMVs in bulk (as they are presented in the embedded video) or remember that these are, in fact, multiple movies. So which clip am I voting for, really, if I pick the Weapon vs Junon option?

The opening FMV is just the definition of iconic. Any vote for this movie is in rejoice of what everybody knows and any vote against will inevitably seem a bit contrarian. After all this is THE cinematic. Maybe that'd be exactly why we DON'T want it to win...?

I think my vote hinges on the fact that the opening is ONE sequence and the Weapon vs Junon option is multiple sequences. I consider all the Weapon vs Junon segments put together to be the best, but if I'm voting for the best singular sequence... I have to vote for the opening FMV.
Weapon v Junon made a HUGE impact on me when I saw it on my first playthrough, and remains the cinematic I look forward to the most. I also think it's really well integrated into the gameplay. The timing, the editing, is impeccable.

Shademp is right that FFVII's opening scene is absolutely iconic in a way that Weapon v Junon is not, and for me, that puts it almost in a special category of its own, as a cinematic about which it's hard to be objective. I really like your reasoning about the Opening Scene being one cinematic whereas Weapon v Junon is a series - but Weapon v Junon was the first cinematic I thought of when this poll was set up, and I'm not going to second guess myself now.

tl;dr Both awesome choices
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