Theatrhythm Final Bar coming to PS4 and Switch


I fully agree it's absolute bullshit and I'm a disgusting capitalist bootlicker simp because if they released some kind of special touch controller for this and charged a grand I would pay it. That is how enslaved I am to Theatrhythm.

I was grossed out as soon as I saw "deluxe edition" tbh but I can't help but be excited regardless. I reckon I've got over a thousand hours in Curtain Call.

This is pretty much how I reacted:



AI Researcher
i saw the trailer and when it was showing the songs that were exclusive for the deluxe i was like "oh come on, bullshit" out aloud to myself. to zanarkand? the ps1 vocal tracks? it's one thing to do songs from non-ff games as dlc, but locking away some of the most iconic tracks?

this is bullshit and i'm still thinking of buying it
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