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Tifa's (Possible) Reveal At E3 and Why It Matters


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On the point, and still a very "ample" coverage from you two!

It looks like a lot of people think big boobs automatically means to sexualising a female character... fact is, it is ONLY ONE of a lot of reasons what makes Tifa Lockhart one of the most iconic video game characters... Nothing More and Nothing Less!

When it comes to E3, I already said this before and I will say it again:

Assuming SE´s press conference is a live event, presented in front of a big crowd of people, and to expect a positive reaction for the reveal of Tifa in this said event, they must be very confident about her appearance! (i.e. very truthful to the original design)

The louder the cheers are the much more difficult it will be for critics to negatively respond on her looks.

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Very good vid, ladies, and I agree completely. Tifa has always been one of my favorite characters of FFVII, and not for her endowment. She's smart, strong, loyal, has her struggles but fights her way through them, and is always there for her friends and those in need. In short, she's the Sarah Connor/Ellen Ripley of Final Fantasy. Ripley going into the alien lair to save Newt, for example, is exactly the kind of thing that Tifa would do. Same with Sarah fighting the T-1000 to protect John. It's just who Tifa is and how determined she is to look out for those around her and keep them safe. I'm sure her look and portrayal in the remake will be true to her character. The characters we've been shown so far have all been very faithful to how they were in the OG in their appearance and personality, so Tifa should be no different, and I'm excited to see her in action.


This is a complete sidebar to some of the important stuff being discussed, but I watched this video in work today and my friend who has no clue about FF (but some cursory gaming knowledge) watched it with me. When we got to the first part of the video talking about Tifa's "endowment" we both laughed because we generally associate that with penises, but I paused and took the opportunity to explain to her the situation re: potential controversy if her design change or update results in a breast reduction. The only thing she said was "UGH fucking men, this is Lara Croft all over again". I was howling.
Everyone, I've been watching this video very closely because the project was my baby and the reception had been so amazing and the views have been really taking off and I'm just so well pleased. I was looking at analytics the other day and this particular vid has gotten like 127% more hits per hour than our average (I think that was it... lol)? Of course, it's also been one of our more controversial vids in a while and there's the ugly troll comment every now and then but in general it's been really positive and I'm really happy and motivated to make more content like this!!

I just want to thank you all for your participation and support and wisdom and oof. This forum is such a special place to me... you're all such special people. And to think, a few years ago, I never imagined myself in the position that I am in now—video editing for the YouTube channel of one of the oldest and best known FF communities out there. Producing content with the help of a community that I've come to really cherish and rely on. You have all given me such purpose and such an awesome creative outlet. I've learnt here that I'm capable of so, so much, if only I put in the effort and have the real incentive to give it a go. This work has kicked my ass but I am honestly so much better for it. I'm so pumped and hyped and ready to produce even better content, testing my limits and learning even more about the craft (and myself) along the way.

Sorry to be gushing over you all!!!! I am really having a moment LOL and I just want to give all of you a hug, thank you so much, I love you. Thank you, B, for all the nights spent brainstorming, for the spectacular script edits, and for working so diligently and hard ugh we make a good team eh!? Thank you, Creative Team, for the feedback and being mad patient with me when I kept spamming WIPs of this video. Thank you Claymore for always being so kind and encouraging and helpful and thank you Gabe for pointing me in the right directions when it comes to the more technical shite and for making me laugh away all my stress when I was feeling especially high strung. Honestly I've learnt so much about video editing just working with you both and you inspire me regularly. Thank you Lex for always being honest but never cruel—you really push me to hold myself to a high standard when it comes to producing this content. Thank you Interslicery for always being so willing to help (and for lending your voice to this vid!!!). Thank you Carlie for your endless patience as I mumble into the microphone, halfway coherent, cuz I can't talk and work at the same time but you keep me company on vc anyway LOL!

There are other folks I'm thinking of but I've gone on too long now I think... haha I'm starting to feel a bit self-conscious 💀💀

Okay shutting up now ❤❤️❤️ Love you all!!
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Quick, give @fancy an award to accompany this excellent speech!!!!!! Thank you for your figurative producer balls, this project wouldn't have happened without you spearheading it forward and of course, there's no one else I'd rather cackle into my repetitive audio clips for. And thank you to the Creative Team also, for being a fair and open-minded bunch. It's truly a pleasure to find people like you in a corner of the gaming world that often isn't kind to worldviews like ours.
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