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@Cthulhu @Lex Bit of a ramble but I threw this together, see what you reckon. I've got it saved as a .odt document ATM, dunno if that format works better. I did try to adhere to Flint's guidelines but I had my son distracting me.

The Lifestream turns ten years
old this week!

From humble beginnings as an effort to salvage a Final Fantasy fan community after the previous online home went offline permanently, The Lifestream has grown to become the premier source for all things
Final Fantasy.

Site administrator Cthulhu founded the site in 2008 and it grew steadily as the old community learned of its existence. By November that year it was progressing well, or as X-Soldier said “Quite Great Justice. This place is shaping up quite quickly”.

Articles and features were already being written and developed and that enthusiasm still shines through today, with a dedicated team of staff scouring obscure sources to glean otherwise overlooked information. Boasting several Japanese-fluent staff means that we’ve been able to bring exclusive translations of texts previously only available to the Japanese market, such as Schala-Kitty’s ‘Ten Days to Dissidia’ series, featuring translations of Japanese web content whilst waiting for the Japanese launch of Dissidia in 2008. More recently, member Hian kindly translated an interview with Nomura, Kitase and Hamaguchi which had the misfortune of featuring a jokey comment that ended up being widely misreported by other news sites as a statement – oops! Thankfully we can’t be held responsible for the poor standards of other sites!

Ten years and thousands of members later, we find ourselves with many of the same names who joined in that first year, plenty of whom have gone on to meet up in person and forged strong friendships offline as well as online.

So how are we marking the occasion? Well, apart from the customary imbibing of alcohol and cake, we’ve organised a little giveaway! Since our site was dedicated to the Final Fantasy VII Compilation, we felt it fitting to offer members old and new the chance to win an original PAL Sony Playstation console and copy of Final Fantasy VII so that members who came to the Compilation via other releases could play the game as it originally stood. Of course we couldn’t just stop there so we added an original control pad (for we remember the days before Dual Shock), memory card and TV leads. But that still wasn’t enough so we threw in a Playstation-branded messenger-style bag (it was the 90’s!) and the official player guide. And a Lifestream t-shirt.

If you would like the chance to get your hands on this awesome bundle, simply go to the forum, sign yourself up and make ten posts before the closing date of October 27th. A thread with the terms and conditions will be available from the 25th (our site birthday), and you can post in there to declare your interest (it will count towards your post count!). Good luck from all of the staff here at The Lifestream!

Of course, getting to this age means that inevitably, some who were with us in the beginning have moved onto other things. As we approach such a significant milestone, we would like to take a moment to express a heartfelt thanks to the staff and members who have helped to shape The Lifestream in the course of its existence. Without the input of time, patience, Cookie Monsters and posts, our humble site would not be where it is today. Thank you to everyone for your support.

EDIT: Yeah copypasta borked the formatting. :monster: The picture of the goodies is above the last paragraph, probably best if I send the document direct if you're happy with this.


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Schala-Kitty... It's been years since I've heard that name.

I haven't been particularly active over the years (I lurk every few weeks), but it's crazy to have witnessed the decline of ACF and how TLS had grown in its wake, still around 10 years later even though the "original" wasn't around for that long. The community-specific memes have been around for like 12 years now. At this point, TLS seems to be a big name and powerhouse in the FF community, which is great to see. TLS has contributed so much to this fandom especially with regard to translations. Even got t-shirts an' shit. :monster:


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Um yes I did, is that okay?

Aww, I look forward to seeing it whenever you manage to get it done man!

(Also, me and Mage were thinking it'd be the most sick if this article could stay on top of the pile on the FP for a little while so like when people come to the site they see it first and that, is there a way of doing that without fucking shit up?)


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Ye gods I'm actually blushing. STAHP. I have to say a huge thanks to @CrashOuch for doing the honours with publishing an' shit. Since we were on a roll we threw up another two articles, one about Nobuo Uematsu's hiatus/illness and one about the PS Classic. I was just doing a bit of a concern because there's not been anything new there since the upgrade, well apart from the podcast AFAIK.
@Cthulhu don't give me publishing rights; I've never used Wordpress and I'm bound to divide something by zero. :monster:

Also I need to highlight the use of 'siiiiiick' by Crash, it's so 90's cute. :D
@Lex I'm curious now, what're you upto? Also WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN WE'VE BEEN WORRIED ABOUT YOU.


@Lex I'm curious now, what're you upto? Also WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN WE'VE BEEN WORRIED ABOUT YOU.
Mage I've just given you the TLS Creator badge, for obvious reasons. You've got access to the creator's domain subsection now, so feel free to get involved there <3

Uh I was getting a bit riled up if I'm honest, I put a lot of work into the upgrade then small things started to bug me so I thought it best to take a mini unofficial break. While I was away I kind of sort of ended up in an ongoing romantic entanglement, then when I was ready to "formally" come back the new XIV raid tier dropped. I've been around on Discord etc., and checking the board regularly. Just not posting very much :).

I'm also still working full hours, organising trips, decorating, organising my mate's hen party (this Saturday) and getting prepared for her wedding, so tbh 2018 has been a busy AF year and will continue to be for some time. I have started reading the official Buffy comic continuation thing though, so that's new and nice.

If I was ever gonna properly leave I'd be sure to make a massive dramatic post, don't worry :monster:

I just can't believe our 10th anniversary is tomorrow honestly. It's nuts.


Return of the Dead-eye
Shitfucks, I've been here nine years and I just levelled up. :monster: (let's just ignore I was on staff for some time, lol). Actually I feel like I've peaked now, I dunno where to go from here. :monster:

Erm, I've got the T&Cs ready for a post in the Community section, would a staffer be able to pin it please so it doesn't get lost amongst the music polls? @Lex @Cthulhu @X-SOLDIER @The Twilight Mexican (sorry dudes if I try and tag everyone I'll be awake longer than I want to be).
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