TLS Awards 2012 Nominations Round

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Factiō Rēpūblicāna dēlenda est.
The Man, V
Five additional categories are being added.
  • Best Thread Starter
  • Best Thread Killer
  • Best Ass
  • Best Beard
  • Most Perverted
While I am strongly tempted to increase the number of categories by two more so we can have 42 categories, these will probably be the last new categories I add.

I will probably also rearrange the categories for the voting round, since these didn't exactly get added in an elegant order.


Chloe Frazer
Best Thread Starter: Road, Aaron, X-Soldier
Best Thread Killer: Matthew
Best Ass
Best Beard: GLD, Tres
Most Perverted: Every single person in this forum but since we're nominating, Dawn, Cassie, Ryu

Best ass is empty cause I need some pictorial evidence to make a proper judgement, I'm willing to offer mine as well if it helps.
Best Thread Starter: Aaron, Dacon, X-SOLDIER
Best Thread Killer: Username
Best Ass: Pictorial evidence required. Supply them.
Best Beard: GLD
Most Perverted: Masa, with his enduring love for the bodacious brood.

Gym Leader Devil

True Master of the Dark-type (suck it Piers)
So many names
Gonna skip this batch entirely, the only ones I really care too much about are beards (which I've already been nominated for as is my just due :monster:) and asses (which I have not seen). Perversion runs rampant around here, no true winner can be justly picked there.


~Heiress of Her Will~
Will PM when finished. Will update when finished. A little wasted now. lol

Member of the year: Fangu, Flint
Best site contributor: Shademp, Lex
Best staffer: Aaron, Tres, Mog
Best quality poster: GLD, X, Ghost
Best newcomer: Avec, Leafe
Hottest male: Masamune, Carlos, Tets
Hottest female : Soak, Avecs, Fangu
Biggest Final Fantasy wonk : Force
Member you'd most like to meet in real life : Carlie, Fangu, Brent
"Wish you were here" Award (Most Missed) : Brent
The Phoenix Down Award (Best Comeback) : Munky
Best graphics (avatar/signature/etc.) :
Most entertaining/funniest : Tres, GLD
Most talented (art, writing, music etc) :
Most improved :
Most predictable :
Bounciest boobies: Tenny
Most pistoning pen0r : Tets
"Needs to spend less time on TLS" Award :
Best ship :
Most likely to get banned : Username
Most likely to be a Username dupe : Yop (wut, it would be hilarious!)
Most likely to be an applet dupe : Aaron (see above)
Most likely to die in the zombie apocalypse :
Most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse : Ryu, Satsu, Kii
Most likely to try to take over the world : Loki (and we love him for it!)
Most likely to save the world : Octo, Sprites
Most suited to be on Chaos' side :
Most suited to be on Cosmos' side :
"Least likely to win any other award" award : Vendel
Best drunk/stoner : Username (can I nominate a banned member? lol)
Most pedantic :
Most likely to poast n00dz : X (and yesssss!)
Most likely to be sexually active : Soak. I concede my crown!
Least likely to be sexually active : Aaron, sorry man.
Best Thread Starter : Thor
Best Thread Killer :
Best Ass :
Best Beard :
Most Perverted : Soak, Masamune
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