TLS Awards 2019 - Obligatory Discussion Thread


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I mean, if the awards are around Halloween, good chance people will have those sorts of costumes/parts lying around. Is that off-limits? Not that I have any myself

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I'd totally be down for an everyday household items cosplay. I don't want to have to compete with people who have PhDs in leather moulding and spent the last five years lovingly forging their own buster sword.
*looks at my Buster Sword next to my bed and sweats nervously*

also I have nothing to contribute, really. I'm all for getting rid of the Aesthetics awards. It'll be a few less awards I can worry about not winning in.
rip aesthetics awards (save voice), rip crack ship

Does anyone else have anything they'd like to put forward either for consideration or challenge? Lemme know asap! My goal is to have a reviewed list of awards posted Friday and we can discuss shite then and work on settling on an Official List. I want to begin the nomming process late October/early November if possible.

merci beaucoup!

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