TLS Game Night on the Discord (Official Thread)

hey all!

Considering the fact that some of you only ever really visit the discord when you know that a special event is occurring there, I figured I'd pop up and let you know of a special event that is to occur there :monster:

The discord has voted and we've decided to host a Community Game Night on 01/04/2020 (this coming Wednesday) and 05/04/2020 (this coming Sunday). Both will start 1900 UTC. I've found this conversion tool very helpful in figuring out when that will correlate to your local time zone.

The games we're primarily going to be playing are from the Jackbox Party Pack, featuring games such a Quiplash, Patently Stupid, Fibbage, Trivia Murder Party, and Monster Seeking Monster. We'll also have a music bot!

Also, henceforth, I'm going to use this thread for any future game night events as opposed to making a new thread every time the idea pops up. :monster:

Hope to see you on either of those days! <3

Keveh Kins

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Thanks for a super fun night guys.

I have little doubt I'll wake up tomorrow in complete terror about everything I said :monster:

That aside though, hanging out with all of ye was some much needed levity in a time almost utterly devoid of it :monster:

Go raibh maith agat, peeps!

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Ye but often you can't tell how short someone is from a photo? I guess I just look short even as 2D. :P
Y'know, I had to think about it. I guess I just assumed you're short because girl. But I went back and looked out of curiosity, and sure enough, none of your photos have any real reference points to indicate height.

...exceeeeept the one photo from 3 years ago wherein the towel bar is about shoulder level.

thank you all for such a wonderful, successful night! and thanks for being so patience, especially during times of technical difficulties :wacky:


As it's been mentioned, we'll be doing the same event on Sunday (though I suspect with considerably less people--but that's okay!), so I hope to see you good folks then as well. Have your suggestions for games prepared! I've been really playing things by ear, eh, and hosting the games so long as there are at least two or three folks willing to play them. :)

Catch ya next time!
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