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Well hello thar

E3 is upon us once more. In just over a month there'll be 7 conferences to indulge in and Tets has put a lovely graphic together in this thread to time it all where you are (FORCE EDIT: UPDATED):

This year Square Enix have announced that they're having a conference for the first time since E3 2015, where VII Remake was announced. I'd still avoid getting your hopes up for news, but it HAS been two and a half years since the last trailer so fingers crossed :D

Not to bring it down, but I explain all of this every year and we still get people joining not following these rules. In Discord I have control over individual volume, including the ability to mute. For the sake of people watching our stream, please read these rules and follow them. Do not join the voice chat if you don't plan on adhering to them, because I'll have to mute you.

If you're planning on joining the voice chat, please do the following (or be muted! :P):

- Watch the YouTube livestreams (better quality and we're more likely to be in-sync reaction wise). These will likely be provided here and/or in text chats.
- Do not watch the TLS stream. If you're on voice chat, you're watching the YouTube stream, not the TLS stream. If you watch the TLS stream you'll hear your own voice echoing back at you and won't be able to listen to the conference.
- Have the TLS stream text chat open in a popout window so you can respond to viewers.
- Reactions are fine! Totally off topic chat during trailers is not XD
- Wear headphones - this is non-negotiable. Every year at least two people have to be told that their volume is echoing down their mic because they're not using headphones. It's inconsiderate to others on the voice chat and also anyone on stream.
- Minimum background noise. If you're in a house with dogs and kids or unavoidable noise, please use push-to-talk or find a quieter place to sit while you watch the conference.

In summary: Wear headphones, watch the streams on YouTube, be considerate, please be excited <3

It happens every year but someone always manages to do something silly like join the voice chat while also watching the TLS stream. If you're watching the TLS stream on Twitch, do not join the voice chat. If you're joining the voice chat, watch the stream on YouTube (this thread will be updated with links when the time comes).

This year we'll be having a little trailer hypefest before the beginning of each stream, so if people want to suggest trailers to go in a playlist leading up to the conferences feel free to do so here.

This gives us a chance to do sound check etc before the official conference begins. If you're not on the voice chat before the official stream starts, you will be locked out and unable to join until the stream is over. So just keep that in mind - if you want to join the voice chat, please be there at least half an hour before the official stream starts so we can work out any kinks :)

Thank you and please be excited
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I'm gonna have to take an early lunch break for that SE one on monday morning


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I'm gonna have to take an early lunch break for that SE one on monday morning
Early break nothing: I have 6 hours of vacation time, which is basically almost as long as any workday for me ever gets. I'm totally asking for that day off.


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I wanted to wait to update the schedule until all times were revealed because I cba to do it multiple times :wacky:
Still waiting on Sony.


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I'll be watching the YouTube stream at home. I'll try being on text chat during said announcements. I'll likely join Voice Chat afterwards since I always fully isolate myself during any sort of first viewings of things, but I love discussing things immediately afterwards.

I'm also working from home that day, so I can help with posting whatever if needed.

X :neo:


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Damn this being "over the other side of the world" business!!!

3am on a TUESDAY!!!! WTF!!!!

I think I'm going to have to give it a miss & watch a recording somehow & avoid FB till I've watched it Tuesday night (my time).

My fingers are always crossed!


If people want to suggest any trailers to play in the playlist beforehand now would be the time to start since the conferences are less than two weeks away :D


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VII Remake, KH3, Death Stranding, Cyberpunk 2077, Last of Us 2, Beyond Good & Evil 2, Anthem, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Crackdown 3, Marvel's Spider-Man


Can you list them per their respective conferences? I'm trying to come up with a half our playlist for each conference :).


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EA: Anthem

Microsoft: Crackdown 3, Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Bethesda: Fallout 67

Square-Enix: FFVII Remake, Kingdom Hearts III

Ubisoft: Beyond Good & Evil 2

PC Gaming Show: Cyberpunk 2077, Crackdown 3

Sony: Last Of Us Part II, Death Stranding, Marvel's Spider-Man

Nintendo: Metroid Prime 4


In theory yes but if I'm doing both at the same time we risk compromising the fidelity of the stream (since I'd be simultaneously uploading twice as much data). I also want everyone on voice chat to be actively engaging with the text chat which is significantly harder to do if there are two of them (especially considering no matter how many years I repeat myself people join the voice chat without considering anything I lay out in these threads, "responding to the text chat" included :P)

So we should go with one or the other IMO. I'm probably leaning towards Twitch atm just because that's what we know. I'll also save a local copy of the streams so we can edit together a "best bits" reaction video. Might be a good idea to have Craig in recording voice for editing purposes.


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I have heard Twitch does live shit better but like, don't quote me on that, but would it be possible to do what some youtubers do and like throw up a video on yt that isn't really a video, just 30 seconds to be deleted later with a direct link to the actual stream, or like, is that too much work?


YouTube is essentially in direct competition with Twitch now in terms of streaming gaming content so I'm not sure if that's the best idea just in case it somehow makes us a target or something.

We do have just under 11k subscribers on YT and nowhere near that on Twitch, so that's part of the equation aswell. Tbh I'm scared of the YouTube chat, it's far worse than Twitch chat and that's saying something.


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Check out SOS tho

It actually looks interesting, and like the director was passionate about what they were able to pour into it.
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