TLS Podcast - Episode 1


Chloe Frazer
The Podcast could definitely use some TresStealer action. :monster:

I would like to participate in the next one too.


The Pixie King
It would probably be best for us to record on a monday or tuesday from now on. That would give me time to get the editting done quicker.

We can definitely try out a bigger group, but we'll have to record separately. Might get a bit chaotic, so itll help cleaning up the recordings
You could do it monthly, then maybe have special podcasts to specific events like discussing the community playthroughs, spoiler discussions, or launches of relevant games, that way there's more opportunity for other members to do the podcasts without committing oneself to a shorter deadline?


Pro Adventurer
Maybe some of you can break down the love triangle debate on air, and put a link on the shownotes to redirect guests to the debate thread.
Also talk more about the state of the gaming industry (even though it's been somewhat covered on the first podcast). Take the SE staff cuts for example. There must be personnel who are putting up walls or holding down the desk and are just not needed. Maybe go deeper into those kind of analysis, which interest me. Though may be overly boring for some.
Those are my suggestions..hope they give some ideas.
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