TLS Podcast - Episode 3 E3 Special


The Pixie King
#1 Podcast - Episode 3 with Ryu, Carlie, Gabe, Tres and I

Conference reactions by GoddammitJoel, SonicBlueSky and TalesOfCreed

2.00 FFXV trailer chat
11.00 KH3 chat
24.24 Lightning Returns chat
34.40 FFX remaster chat
41.00 E3 general chat

Featured Music
Featured Music - "Somnus" by Yoko Shimomura

Special thanks to Michael Lloyd as Sephiroth

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Chloe Frazer
The conference reactions by those dudes were hilarious, grown men screaming in happiness as they realized the trailer they were watching was from KH3. :monster:

This podcast was definitely the most fun of all.
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