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New thread for the OG TLS podcast.

Looking to record sometime this week if enough people are interested. Tuesday (tomorrow) is an option, as is potentially Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I'll be available in the mornings, which for Euro peeps is the afternoon/evening.

Potential Topics to discuss:

Kingdom Hearts III trailer/TGS
Uematsu illness
This article that Roger found
FF games coming to Switch

Site Stuff
New Forum
Song Rankings
10th Anniversary contest
Pomathon (or whichever Kupocon it was that just happened) and the TLS presence there/TLS members hanging out

Anyone recently gone/going to "Distant Worlds," or "A New World?"

If anyone else knows of anything worth discussing that I've missed feel free to comment.

Also comment if you can/are interested in participating. I want to try to mix in new peeps every once in a while with the old. :)
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Chloe Frazer
Ok so we need to record and release a podcast before KH3 comes out (Jan 29th), topics should be KH and Tabata and XV and keeping the recording to an hour most. We should implement the E3 stream rule, good mic, good connection and always on push to talk. If we can do it this weekend that would be great, I'm free tomorrow and Saturday evening and Sunday morning and early afternoon AST. If we can't this weekend, we should really try to do it in the week so is done before next weekend starts.


Chloe Frazer
After 5:00 PM AST.

@Minato @lithiumkatana17

Ok so I want to ask questions like these to you guys for the discussion of our two topics.

How and when you got into the series?
Expectations on the game (story, characters)

What did you think about Tabata leaving and his new company?
The now end of XV and now the full product as a whole (Or almost? Has episode Ardyn come out yet?) and the cancellation of dlc content
Did the way XV was handled worked? Patches and dlc later to make the game complete? Do you think this played a part in Tabata leaving? Is this a viable strategy for their games going forward?
Now more than two years after the game originally came out how would you rate Tabata's handling of XV?
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