TLS Presents: “Case of Nanaki” Audiobook


The Pixie King

"On the Way to a Smile: Case of Nanaki" (Right Click to Save As)​

Written by Kazushige Nojima
Original Translation by XComp, further translations by Joseph Knight, Tetsujin and Hitoshura
Produced and Narrated by Joseph Knight

Featuring music from TPR's beautiful album, 'Final Heaven: A Melancholy Tribute To Final Fantasy VII', now available on iTunes , and Hypochondriac's amazing album, 'Pulse of Life', available for free here on

Christian Sekhanen as Nanaki
AvecAloes, ForceStealer and BlooCerix as Cosmo Canyon Villagers
Jocalyn as Wutai Patient
TwilightKeyblade as Gordy
Michael Lloyd as Hunter
vanillacrescentx as Elena
Alex Shaw as Vincent Valentine
Jonathan Waters as Cid Highwind
Mizura as Yuffie Kisaragi

'Nanaki Searches for Truth' - by Dev at OCReMix
'Secret of the Deep Sea' - Arrangement by TPR
'Cosmo Canyon' - Arrangement by TPR
'Descentant of Shinobi' - Arrangement by TPR
'From the Edge of Despair' - Arrangement by TPR
'Wutai' - Nobuo Uematsu
'The North Cave' - Arrangement by TPR
'Lifestream Overture' - Reuben Kee
'The Oppressed' - Arrangement by TPR
'Other Side of the Mountain' - Arrangement by TPR
'Beyond the Wasteland' - Nobuo Uematsu
'Great Northern Cave' (FFVII AC Version) - Nobuo Uematsu
'The Nightmare Begins' - Performed by pianist203
'Ascension to Cosmo Canyon' - Reuben Kee
'The Pilot's Dream' - HypochondriacPiano
'FFVII Main Theme' - HypochondriacPiano

All characters and scenarios copyright © SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED



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I just finished it. As always, Pixel, superb job. I really, really love these.

Each one makes me like the relevant Case of... more than I had before. I regarded Case of Nanaki as the weakest entry, and maybe it still is, but I appreciate the good things it has going for it better now.

The pull between him being beast and human is legitimate character development and something we never got to see in the original game. It also more clearly portrays his immaturity, despite being 50 years old.
Most of his FF7 interactions came between himself and Cloud, as well as Tifa and Barret. So to see interactions with Yuffie and Vincent were interesting. Especially since most of the Vincent we have been able to see (Dirge) has not been written by Nojima.
And even the first time I read the story, my favorite thing was establishing the two of them meeting at Midgar every year. It adds a great element to the 500 Years Later sequence. Whether Vincent is meeting him there, or did finally die and Red's taking his cubs there in memory of the meetings.
The gilligan stuff is a little odd, but it's not so bad, and it's presence isn't overbearing, there's good character stuff in here.

Great vocal performances from the main cast as usual. I love how they do their own thing, but are just similar enough to the real voices to easily see them as part of canon. So, again, great job.

Does make me sad how little Nanaki features in the Compilation entries though...
Man, Pixel, one of the things that always strikes me about the production value of these is the music - you do an AWESOME job of choosing the tracks and using them.

Great job. Really.

The whole story with the bear cubs makes me cry, of course :monster:


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Thanks for all the hard work on these audiobooks! The music, narration, and voice acting allow me to really immerse myself in the story.


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A bit late to the party, but does anyone have this audiobook transcribed into text? I've been searching around the net for this particular translation, but all I've found is Xcomp's. Thanks!
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