TLS Ranks FF Songs — Quarterfinals Poll #2

Aaaaaaah both great themes!

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The Engineer
Main Theme (VII)

There is so much going on in that theme, it's amazing that it works so well. Terra's Theme... it's good, but why, oh why, does it have that constant chord rythem going on in the back ground? It's so detracting I pay more attention to it then the actual melody. I get a feeling I'd like the remixes of the theme more then the original.
Nooooo why did these two have to be up against each other?

Terra's Theme, for previously stated reasons, it's definitely simpler than the FFVII main theme, but, I've just always really liked it. I do like the FFVII main theme a whole lot, too, though; I love how it builds and how it evokes a bunch of different moods - I've always thought the kind of sinister-sounding bit was really interesting, in particular. I'm bummed that Terra's Theme won't advance, but they're both excellent overworld themes.


Pro Adventurer
I really like both of these themes. I voted for Terra's Theme, partly because I like that it's a bit shorter and more simple for an overworld theme. Also I guess because I know it won't advance, so. ;-; But I think it's a worthy song to make it this far. <3
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