TLS Ranks FF Songs — Round #2 Poll #6

Of the following songs, which 4 are the best?

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Howdy y’all :awesome: <3

This is Poll #6 of Round 2 of the TLS Ranks FF Songs event! Please, limit yourself to choosing your top four songs from this list.

If you feel you absolutely must vote for a fifth song, you are allowed 1 Joker Card or a vote for one extra song PER ROUND. In order to utilise this “card”, PM either Flare or Fancy your fifth vote or go ahead and state your choice in this thread.

Song Links:
FFVII - Still More Fighting
FFVIII - The Extreme
FFIX - Protecting My Devotion
FFVII - Mako Reactor
FFIV - Main Theme (IV)
FFIX - Vamo Alla Flamenco
FFVII - Victory Fanfare
FFVII - Can You Hear the Cry of the Planet
FFVIII - The Legendary Beast
FFX - Yuna's Theme
FFIX - Black Mage Village

Gonna be sad seeing some of these songs go ;__;


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The Extreme, Main Theme (IV), Vamo Alla Flamenco, and J-E-N-O-V-A.

Honorable mentions: Can You Hear the Cry of the Planet, Yuna's Theme, and Black Mage Village. ;__;
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